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KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes
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Yeah, I'm going to enjoy a Senator Rossi come November... is he a 2 time loser or a 3 time loser?
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2010 on Randi's back ... today! at BlatherWatch
You should know all about those ass-umptions too. Posted by: KS spoken like a true ass
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2010 on Dennis kelly: gone from KVI/KOMO at BlatherWatch
but KS is so full of shit, as his last post proves: he has everything absolutely backwards. true reichwing projecting. wants to make me start hurling!
I used to take him on point by point and he disappeared. hey, works for me LOL! politico is a slicker version of drudge, with about as much truth and credibility
an RV-sellin' Fixed News listener LOL! too funny!
Democrats obstructed tort reform as they always have and by tort reform you mean keeping wronged and injured citizens from suing your corporate facist masters? no attacks since 9/11/01 - something Bush did correctly. uh, maybe if shrub had been awake and actually read his daily reports and learned of imminent danger the attacks on 9/11 might not have happened or if the big DICK hadn't grounded the air force the towers could have been saved. I don't think your peanut brain should go there. really. However, the Dems trying Islamofascists like KSM in civil courts is stupid and will only serve to escalate this war more. really? how is that going to escalate the wars more? more than killing hundreds of thousand of innocent civilians in the middle east that had nothing to do with 9/11? gawd your stupidity shows more and more with every keystroke. is all you know just fucking reichwing talking points? do you have an original thought? The Democrats did a fine job at doing nothing between 2001-06 and picking everything apart when they were out of power another masterpiece from the brain dead. dems couoldn't even get a conference room to discuss anything, moron, as the reichwingers didn't let them have any say in anything. they hardly slowed anything down or picked it apart, unlike the current gNOpers and their party first bullshit that is what you get - because neither side wants to compromise fuck me, you are in such a bizarro world! Our president has bent over backwards to include you motherfuckers and all he gets is NO NO NO, party above country ... well today's SLAP DOWN SPANK FEST may change all of this but I doubt it. today he proved he is playing chess with 'tarded checkers players, has put them on notice for the whole world to see and I hope he flips them off and we can move on with fixing this country from all of the damage that has been done since the reichwing party of NO has gone off the deep end. you should be scared that after today some on your side of the aisle will have the cajones to vote on what is correct and not the party first NO NO NO crap.
His SOTU speech sucked. You can only blame Bush for so long. yet you blamed clinton for 5, 6 years while shrub the incompetent royally screwed up this country. you, are a class A hypocrite by saying this. This economy is his now, he owns it. yes, but his policies didn't get going until the end of the 2nd quarter at best, a fact you gloss over as is your ilk's MO, and so you are still in a fantasy world on the economy and who is responsible for it. the rest of your post just proves how out of touch you really are and doesn't even merit comment, except for your racist overtones. you, chunks, are a pig. a slow witted pig. we all pity your poor wife.
man, take me to the free clinic ... i gotta get rid of this avatar! welcome to reality, punk! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
never had a solid majority in the sense that they don't goostep in locked unity like und reichwingers, rather are a diversified group that actually represents Americans = a diverse society. I will concede the are somewhat testicle challenged. spin it like you want, joanie LOL! (re; avatar)
OF course, the Republicans were essentially fired by the American public. nah, they lost their jobs due to incompetence and being unqualified.
oh look Ron is now joanie according to his avatar LOL! do your little minds now get it?
The Republicans had nearly 8 years to cut taxes ... and they didn't let's not forget overturning roe v wade = outlawing abortion ... oh, that's right. abortion is their big money maker when it comes to donations, it will never be outlawed as the gNOpers will never cut off that cash cow!
so puts is now joanie? (re:avatars) LOL! and yes, SPANK! as in SPANK! STFU and start concerning yourselves with the country's best interests. SPANK!
still completely fn KluelesS LOL!
so, I see your sourpuss is real lemony today LOL!
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Jan 29, 2010