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Only Astorino's type of dirty fighters would push a story about an in-law's estate issue as if it had something to do with George. Gross. Just shows they don't have anything real to say about him.
I keep saying it, but I do not understand why once the HUGE cost of this was revealed, ($39 million, before we buy a site) that wasn't the end. It is patently ridiculous to imagine we would purchase this site adding another $7.5Million before the ground was leveled to move DPW, to add one more playing field to Disbrow. It just makes no sense. Steve's bill is written to allow us to veto any plan of RCDS's we don't like. It is a win/win. Let's take this gift and run with it instead of continuing to attack good people who are just trying to do what is best for Rye. The whole this has turned into a huge unnecessary mess. I really don't understand why this is still going on.
terrible. these poor kids. let them have some fun.
This may be one of the silliest things to ever come out of the RCSD. Kids are running to the water. At the beach. With all their friends around. In May. Are our kids really so bubbled-wrapped that we have to protect them from scratches? Let them be kids. Sheesh.
Thank you!
Jason is a great asset to our community. A smart, involved, creative and interested person who has gone out of his way to volunteer to help Rye. He has my support. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 2, 2010