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Great policy... until you realize that they are paying for it by removing part of the dependent tax break. Basically our family, with two kids lost a tax break worth twice what this subsidy pays us. Also, it is being phased in over two years, while the tax break removal is immediate. Basically trading a tax break that gave real incentives for wealth creation for a cheap handout that encourages people to work less because the tax break has been removed and you get 'free cash'. Great...
Sorry for the comment necromancy, but I just found your blog yesterday and trawled the whole thing... A couple of items regarding this bag of nut jobs. (My primary source of information on them is a job my wife and I did for the religious organization that is the primary backer of this party, as well as my wife who keeps a semi-amused eye on the various religious cults around Japan) 1) Not related to scientology. 2) Buddhist offshoot cult. They are basically another buddhist/shinto type party, although primarily backed by what can be termed a cult. So they are not quite the general or typical Japanese religious type that would be represented by Komeito, but more specific to whatever religious experience they advocate, plus their nutty conspiracy theories. Obviously, this is based on my limited observations and may not be completely accurate, take it for what it's worth. They paid quite well though.
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Feb 7, 2010