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Distracted Critic
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Happy Thanksgiving! A couple of days late but wanted to wish you all a great Thanksgiving and may your holidays be bright. Continue reading
"The naive credulity these people have towards the power of government, their blind faith that they can tamper with the machinery without it hurting anybody, differs in kind nor quality not one lick from the most snake-handlin' Pentecostal's faith that Jesus will keep the serpent from biting." Continue reading
I told you so - fill in the blank. Knowing you are right about something like this doesn't make up for all the concern. 2016 is too far off and we don't have the right amount of leaders on both sides to fix this mess. If there is any good... Continue reading
Coming up on my one year anniversary of filing for my daughter's certificate of citizenship. November 20th, 2012 is the date immigration services received my paperwork and promptly cashed my check. Crickets since then. Have had to call twice for a status update and still waiting. No customer, no competition,... Continue reading
"can't do a love song like the way it's meant to be can't do everything but i'll do anything for you and i can't do anything except be in love with you" Continue reading
Headscratcher: Sipping my morning coffee. Just pulled up my first two Kwame Kilpatrick stories from Huffpo and NYT and still don't know what party he is affiliated with. Continue reading
Saw this at my local gas station this morning. An interesting way to pump up your messaging! Continue reading
What I didn't have in volume of posts last year I made up with prescience. Looking back at the incredible shrinking wiener re-enactment post from last year gives me the chills with its preternatural foreshadowing... From the AP yesterday: The former speaker said in San Francisco that she believes the... Continue reading
Long time, no chat. Since I last left you: My day job continued...challenging, interesting and fun. Went to India...crowded, vibrant and overpowering. Went to South Korea...crowded, organized and polite. Finally united with our adopted daughter...happy, curious and beautiful. That should bring you up to speed! P.S. Oh, and I almost... Continue reading
Keep DC in your thoughts, folks: Continue reading
Quick - someone translate the following...I need a visio diagram! The case of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman has taken another bizarre twist, as the boys [ sic ] stepmother who reportedly tried to hire a gardener to kill her now-estranged husband has been accused of carrying on a sexual... Continue reading
I can't believe the good luck that has just landed in my lap! As you know, it has been several weeks of no posts and I have chalked that up to the complete and utter chaos in my schedule. A new job, endless adoption paperwork and the resumption of hockey... Continue reading
My youngest son and I went to the Wild hockey game last night. Wild didn't play well but the game was entertaining nonetheless. The better team won in a shoot-out finish but the Wild still held on long enough to come away with a point and they still cling to... Continue reading
First post on today's distraction: Exhibit A illustrating the quiet discriminations of low expectations which pervade our society but are rarely noticed precisely because of their ubiquity - forcing drop down menus on web forms for state designations instead of simply allowing me just to put in the flippin' state... Continue reading
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Mar 6, 2010