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The raven, the trickster, is so often referred to as "He." He is a favorite of Edgar Allen Poe and many other dark writers. A native american and native canadian favorite of folk stories, the Raven is never to be taken at face value. I think this theme represents the Sinner as well. The theme of both simple contrast, and that of paradox.
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a lovely topic - begging. I know there are other subs (and Doms) out there like we are, but I also know that we are not the usual or maybe even believable. I have begged Sir. Not ofen, no. When I have begged Him, it is not in any way 'acting', nor any way an anticipated part of a 'scene', nor is my begging anything I could anticipate or forsee. When I do actually beg Sir, it is only because I have to. I only beg when I have no other alternative. I beg Him to stop. I beg Him to stop hurting me until either my pride overcomes begging or until submission overcomes any hope of His responding to me. In my mind, and for me as a person, coming to the place of begging is a place that only Sir can take me, and where I can only go with Him. It is primal, basic, utterly personal, a place not of want, but of blind need. And that is what I get as a submissive to Sir. Something, someplace I could never go without Him.
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Nov 6, 2009
Why can I not find any way to actually send you an email? lol. Maybe because I have had 2 glasses of wine. sigh. help me.
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