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How can any discussion of dubious or hideous buildings in Chicago not include those designed by Helmut Jahn and most particularly the State of Illinois Building? This article should be rewritten to reflect the blight Chicago suffers in having his buildings here. BK: Thanks, Peter, but the story is about the worst designs of 2010. The Thompson Center, the former State of Illinois Building, is roughly 25 years old.
Well said!. You make the comment that "[n]o doubt some have died for their country.' About 2 years ago, I spent the day walking through Arlington National Cemetery and was simply stunned at how many headstones of the fallen American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan had the star and crescent at the top of the stone. It was very moving to realize the power of reason and honor as well as the duty and loyalty felt to this country. The insane acts of one man (whatever race or religion) should never distract us from appreciating the unique and essential contributions our diverse population provides to our strength.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2009 on Islam and Fort Hood at Steve Chapman