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Miaoli, Taiwan
ZQ fan
Interests: star trek
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To yiouwen: 哪裡哪裡,你喜歡就好~ :D 要注意語言學校報名截止日期唷!
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To HowlWithThePack: Yeah they are sooooo lovely that I held my breath. ;) To Slothan: You are welcome! They are so charming~~~ To theejorleny: I live in Northridge. Fortunately, it is not too far from LA downtown. I believe ZQ will be a great father, too. ザカリーは俺の嫁! To halida: I just found the little girl's name is Summer. They are such sweet! To The Great ZQ: You are welcome. I also think Zach will be an excellent father. I hope that you already download them completely. To Paint By Letters: You are welcome. I believe everyone attending this event had great time. To Nuttydred: You are welcome! :D To sylockluvin: Of course you can. Thank you~ I was near Noah at that time. I stretch out my hand and Noah licked me. Noah is so amiable! To fenraven: You are welcome! Yeah, Zach looked spry yesterday. To kaoz22: You are welcome! :D To Tiff: Nice to meet you! Maybe I saw you and Zoë yesterday, but I didn't know it... It's a pity. I hope I will meet you next time. :) To SantaFeFan: You are welcome! I'm so glad you like it. :D
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Thank you for sharing this link! Zach is soooooo adorable! OMG I see myself in some of these pictures. *blush*
Hello Tiff, you are great! Before ZQ left the gallery, he said to the crowd, "Sorry. I cannot take pictures with everyone. I am sorry." Actually we should feel sorry, not ZQ. I apologize for my selfishness.
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I went to Hollywood's Least Wanted - Charity Multimedia Exhibition, and I saw ZQ and Noah. ZQ is so gentle! He treats everyone tender, especially kids. Noah is very cute, friendly, vivacious, and well-trained. I had stroked Noah for several minutes. Noah's hair is very soft. There was a little girl sending Noah a present (a doggy plush toy). (You can see her in the picture) ZQ was very cheerful, and Noah likes his present. I took some pictures and shot a short video. Here they are:
Nov 22, 2009
To I'mhavingaZachAttack: Thanks, and I was excited about this event! This event was at Paramount Studios. The address is 5555 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90038. Here is the link of the event: To helenka: You're welcome. Here is the direct link of the video: Furthermore, I just uploaded the whole pictures I took: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 -
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Last Saturday, my friend Stella and her husband Stephen and I went to seea special screening of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home at Paramount Studios, and Mr. Leonard Nimoy went on stage for questions and answers. Mr. Spock is absolutely adorable!!! *faint* Photographing was O.K. at that time. I took some pictures, and Stella recorded the entire Q&A with LN. Here are her report and the video:
Nov 14, 2009
To Lisa M: Hello Lisa! Nice to meet you~ To kannbrown: Hi kannbrown, nice to meet you, too~ I hope we can make many international friends. :D To 熙瓜紫: 我在ZQ中文網的帳號是邑麻,我幾乎每天都會去逛喔~ :D To itsnikki: Nice to meet you! This is really wonderful community. I'm glad to be here! To yiouwen: 我也愛你!希望明年能順利和你與47碰面~ To HowlWithThePack: Hi Howl, how are you? I am happy to join this community! To sstar: I'm good, and how are you? Are you fentail in zq-chn?My account of zq-chn is 邑麻. I have already posted a brief as "THE LARAMIE PROJECT - TEN YEARS LATER" stage reading in zq-chn. To cutebabyface: I'm very glad to see you here, too! To I'mhavingaZachAttack: Hello, nice to meet you~ Cutebabyface shared the new with us, so I could go to see the stage reading. I'm thankful for her help. Actually, I have attended IEP at CSUN because it's near Hollywood. ;-) To DobbyJunio: Nice to meet you, too~ :D Thanks! I'm engaged in studying English in order to understand what ZQ said.
大家好!我的名字是瑞琦,我來自台灣。 Hello everyone! I am ... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
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Nov 8, 2009