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Oh, I have no idea what you mean at all. Because nothing like that EVER happens to me, I swear... That wasn't me at the local village fair consoling my son because his preschooler's running race got cancelled, after I'd got him all pumped up to enter it. I would never be in a position where I'd only leave myself five bucks spending money to entertain said children at the fair... I would NEVER wander around the local village fair on a 'relaxing' Sunday, unable to walk a straight line because my period decided to come that day, and staying upright is an achievement to be proud of. Oh no, I schedule my period far better than that. In fact, I'm so organised, I'm not sure I even get periods these days.. And no, my son certainly did not vomit all over the kitchen floor at breakfast this morning. My lounge setting is perfectly intact, with no stains on it, if you heard about the mother with a a two seater lounge that has one cushion fine,and the other half eaten by silly puppies, you were wrong to think they were talking about me. That sort of stuff never happens here. And I certainly don't wake up most mornings to find the stuffing from said lounge strewn all across the lounge room floor, or the carpet pulled up out of the floor boards by the dogs. That's craaazy talk! Who told you that was me? No way... IN MY DREAMS!! ((HUG)) sorry to hear your wheels fell off. I'm so glad we're not the only ones with these moments
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2011 on when the wheels fall off at inner pickle
LOL at the snake! I'm such a wuss, I've actually banned toy spiders and snakes from our house, because they freak me out so much!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2011 on decision fatigue at inner pickle
I can't wait to hear about it! I love that tickle!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2011 on new adventures at inner pickle
Oh, I feel for you. I had a big brown snake slither past me when I was outside, standing near my front door, I was so terrified! Then it went two doors down to our neighbour's place, bit their dog, the dog killed it, then died too:( I'm no good with snakes..
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2011 on wildlife at inner pickle
Oh, that looks so relaxing and fun! I know what you mean about forgetting about trees when you live in the city. Moving out here to the country has been like a breathe of fresh air for us too!
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2010 on Easter camping part 1 at inner pickle
Suze does look fantastic, doesn't she? Who am I kidding, you all do! What a great job her hubby did on the chook pen. We still haven't got our chook pen yet, maybe we should hire him! lol. It looks like you all had a fabulous day
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2010 on weekendiness at inner pickle
Sounds so yummy! I think your hormones are really bringing out the artist in you at the moment!
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on lemon sago pudding at inner pickle
I think on days like this it's mandatory to smash the camera into tiny pieces and set fire to it.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on some days are unphotographable at inner pickle
This is something all my kids might eat too! Thank you! Will put it on the must try list
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on food for kids at inner pickle
OMG, you're gonna make me bawl like a baby with homesickness!! Such beautiful pics, and I agree, the South Coast is just brilliant
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on summer days at inner pickle
That does look delish, and I've been craving nachos for a while. I think your kids are doing so well to eat the beans, I've encouraged my kids, but not one of them will have a bar of them. Argh
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on Ten Minute Bean Nachos! at inner pickle
Oh, yummy! I love the sound of that icing too.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2010 on Easy orange cake recipe at inner pickle
Hmmm.. a girl you say *makes mental note then tries to look innocuous*
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2010 on gladness at inner pickle
Fantastic post, and it needed to be said by someone, and I'm so glad it was you! I really enjoy your blog as you know:) And I hope you don't mind, but I've written a response blog post to this one on my blog. As you know, I had a topic the other day, 'Slow down', so of course your post today is like a breath of fresh air. I don't think it'll hurt most of us bloggers to just lighten up! I don't mean that in a nasty way, more just in a way that we shouldn't be nearly as hard on ourselves as we are.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2010 on blogger at inner pickle
I've never been to Rookwood, I must check it out next time I'm in Sydney. I'm getting cremated, but I had no idea there were eco coffins! That's pretty cool, I want one. Where does get those? lol
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2010 on rookwood at inner pickle
So sweet:) And she'll come in handy when the baby arrives ;)
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2010 on girls do tea at inner pickle
How cute is that first picture???? I'm so glad you've got lovely mid-wives, it really does make all the difference. By the way, are you finding out the baby's gender, or having a surprise?
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on talking pictures at inner pickle
Yummy! I love self saucing pud, haven't had one in ages. And hey, being pregnant, I'm sure you could eat a whole batch easily! PS, isn't it great to know Adam came back for a second date for you, not the pudding? LOL
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2010 on chocolate self-saucing pudding at inner pickle
Great job! If you ever need any help with your knitting, you know where I am:) It looks great!
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2010 on weekendiness at inner pickle
Oh, I love it, especially the cherries! Good haul. I've heard of shops that do this sort of thing, I wish I'd known about that one whilst I was still in Sydney!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2010 on op shop at inner pickle
What a great day! I love the dress! I didn't notice the ironing, I was looking for your bump, looks like it's coming along beautifully:)
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2010 on a Friday at home at inner pickle
Aw, don't you love it when an eatery really looks after your kids? Poor Matilda, I know my kids miss each other terribly at times, too:( But what a great dinner!
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on sushi night at inner pickle
That looks really yummy! My son is like that, he gets really insecure if I go too 'out there' with a meal for him. I must try this recipe, I love the idea of adding chickpeas.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2010 on healthy kid-friendly dinners at inner pickle
Happy birthday, Matilda! She is so pretty... My son is three too, it's one of the best ages ever, isn't it?
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2010 on birthday girl at inner pickle
OMG! I was thinking, 'what cute baby photos', then you hit us with THAT! That is fantastic news, congratulations! (I think I now know what to make for your pay it forward give away;))
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2010 on genetics at inner pickle