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The lecture-and-test method goes back a thousand years, to the days when books were written by hand and chained to a podium, where a professor stood up and read them. In recent years, without (I strongly suspect) any real consultation among faculty about the pedagogical consequences, wireless Internet access was installed in classrooms and lecture halls around the world. For the first time, students could look up information to determine whether the professor really knew what he or she was talking about. Students can now chat and share information among themselves during lectures and if the professor is too boring, there is always Facebook or World of Warcraft. At least Howard Rheingold is not living in an ivory tower saying that the way people are being educated is the only way and should not be changed. I think students leave their studies believing themselves to be equipped for a position and then find they have to go back to learning the practicalities of the task. Would it not be better for these people to have mentors in their field to guide them and let them be part of work in their field as part of their curriculum.
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The whole arena is a bit vague at this point. Do you mean SMD at a university or do you mean corporations to run one within their structure? The whole thing is dynamic and because the rules are not it place it gives a moderator more freedom to experience what is needed and use initiative to be creative. It should be kind of spontaneous. A campaign requires a person who can motivate a team...with an passionate, inspiring, knowledgeable person guiding and sharing open enough to listen to others and make them part of the effort.
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