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St. Patrick
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Well said Gary. The picnic's over.
Thank you Pamela! My Super-Duper Girl!
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Jun 30, 2010
Thanks Supergirl. Love your picks..Keep 'em comin'..
Like it or not,you're also a Jew,as are we all in this fight. If you can't appreciate somebody(like Pamela or anybody else) fighting for you on your behalf then STFU! Get back into your fetal position ya twit.
Impeach the usurper/communist/liar half white/black pseudo President and elect Allen West as President..The REAL first black President..Problem solved. Just like Thomas Edison in true American fashion..Obama ain't passin' the litmus test and the gears are grinding. Pamela..THANK YOU..You are,truly, great.
Way to go Pam! This legalised murder has to stop now! And you are an inspiration to all free thinking tortured women who think they have no options in a free society out of fear. Superwoman Flies High in Ohio!
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on HUNDREDS RALLY FOR RIFQA'S FREEDOM! at Atlas Shrugs