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Rob Levin
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I wonder how much being a big brand Fortune 100 that people respect plays into the equation vs. a smaller company without the brand recognition. We are working on developing a campaign but due to the nature of our business we don't really have brand recognition (except in very small, limited circles). I see that as likely being our biggest challenge.
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Nice shot. I speak often with my groups that we need to be honest with ourselves about what it's like to work here and not misrepresent anything with candidates during any part of the hiring process. We're only setting ourselves up to fail if we choose to fudge the truth.
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Great article and I agree with all of it but the following: "If Bob wants to engage in stage banter, engage. You're accessible, and the privacy effect makes it OK." To me, there is nothing worse than someone dropping a deuce, especially a noisy one, and trying to carry on a conversation.
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Spot, recruit, develop, retain and energize talent.
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