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graysheepdog - so are you suggesting that on the third day of being President, Obama found a prosecutor, had a federal grand jury seated and was able to get them to grant this subpoena? If that is the case then he really is "the one". Sorry to bust your bubble but this case was started under the Bush administration and the decision to go after the subpoena was under Bush and Mukasey. As CBS points out, the AG would have to authorize such a subpoena, and as they wrongly claim that would have to be Eric Holder. That's a good trick since the subpoena was on 1/23/09 and Holder didn't get confirmed until 2/2/09. Some blame can go to the Obama administration for the case continuing under their watch, but we don't even know the actual details of it. How would the right respond if the Obama DOJ just happened to drop a case against a left leaning site like indymedia without any real reason?