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Bob, First of all thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. If you noticed I did mention that it is not my opinion but the opinion of my colleagues who have worked at GM, Ford, Chrysler etc. Since I have no prior automotive background as an employee I forwarded your post to them to get their feedback. So I was being a messenger here of a contrary opinion. At Tesla we are thinking differently. Thats one of the reasons we don't have any dealerships. All the stores at which the cars would be sold and serviced will be owned by Tesla. That way we can control and provide consistent customer experience. Tesla oil-free service centers are part of the open floor plan. We are planning to have premium amenities which include lounge with snacks, high speed Wi-Fi, free international phones, LCD screens etc. Service technicians and salespeople would be company employees and own company stock hence it would be in their best interest to provide the best service to the customers. We also recently announced a mobile service program featuring house calls for customers in the United States and Canada. Specialized technicians known as Tesla Mobile Service Rangers will visit owners’ homes, offices or parking garages equipped to perform an array of procedures, including annual inspections and firmware upgrades. So we are thinking differently... Roshan
Bob, I work at Tesla motors and I have colleagues who used to work at Ford, Chrysler and GM. I forwarded your post and here is what they have to say. Ex-GM person: In this program at GM employees who are in manager/supervisor positions pay a set monthly fee and get a new GM vehicle every 6 months. Participants pay for their cars – they are not free. They have some say in the type of vehicle they get (car, SUV, etc), but are randomly assigned a specific make/model. Gas and servicing are included in the lease and as you get more senior in the company, you get additional lease vehicles, if you want to pay for them. But you don't get a driver, except perhaps if you are a CEO/CFO. Ex-Chrysler person: A perk of working for an OEM is the employee lease program – at Chrysler lower level manager can order a company lease car that includes service, insurance and unlimited mileage and pay a percentage of the overall vehicle cost every month. The higher level managers get one car + gas for free but are taxed on it like earnings. The benefits of being able to order and drive a new car every 6 months for the customer and the employee is the frequent input on vehicle problems or suggestions for improvement. At Chrysler they were required to report on the leased vehicle every month – mileage and any open issues and whether or not they were resolved. If there was an issue the functional engineer would contact to obtain feedback and sometimes to resolve the issue. They were also sent very extensive surveys to be filled out as part of the employee lease benefit. That was a way to tap into the customer experience as they were configuring and paying for the vehicles like a “regular” customer, they just weren’t forced to deal with the dealerships. So although they agreed that the employees did not get the dealership experience, but overall they felt this post needed more research and that lot of assumptions were made without enough fact-finding. Roshan