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Avatar Rendering Cost is rendering cost. On your viewer. Not sim lag. Not to do with scripts. Bling is a particle effect. On your viewer. Not sim lag. Not to do with scripts. Thank you for listening.
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I found explicit content in non-virtual worlds accessible by minors.
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“At the same time, however, we also understand that images and behaviours here do impact upon first life attitudes and practices, …” Do you have any evidence for that? Please note that common sense is not evidence, and individual case studies are very weak evidence.
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Linden Labs don't understand how to work with their residents. They have proved that repeatedly.
Useful reviews of XStreetSL alternatives by Allegory Malaprop
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I simply wish to not exist at all to people who are so easily offended, and vice versa. They can live without me, and I without them.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on Opinion: I'm a PG at Alphaville Herald
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I pay affiliates 25% to host my vendors. Paying LL 30% is not much of a step.
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