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While it is certainly true that Dr. Seuss wrote predominantly male characters, many of the characters (e.g., in Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book--which was my children's favorite, and indeed, mine as a child) are androgynous enough that altering pronouns & c. on the fly worked well. I should point out that by the time they were old enough to read to themselves, my kids were interested in more complex literature, so Seuss ceased to be a problem at that point (we didn't have to edit the text in the books). What we did was modify things like "blue hair is fun to brush and comb/all girls should have a pet like this at home" (this one springs to mind; I don't necessarily have the line just right" to "/all KIDS should have a pet like this at home." Pronouns got switched around quite a bit. Interestingly, my spouse and I tended to switch different pronouns...which may have confused the kids, but should have helped convey a message to the effect that gender is not determinative.