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DJ- You assume too much.. And you know what happens when you assume right? ;) I'm going to let you slide with the affirmative action comment because that will prove my point of Monica Crowley's racist agenda. Birds of a feather flock together right? 1st, if Monica is going to make a big rant about how badly people are treating Don Imus to a point of creating multiple blog posts, then she should be obligated to explain how severe/bad his comment was. The man made a horrible comment. There would be outrage if Monica had blogged about why she believes Mike Vick should get a 2nd chance in the NFL if she didn't also blog about how bad his actions were. Monica is all about minimizing the weakness in her arguements and exploding her agenda so stupid people can follow her. Yet nobody holds her accountable. Maybe you guys are too busy trying to look up her skirt or awaiting for the Nixon/Crowley sex tape. How did a 22 year old get a job interning for Nixon anyways... Ah, that's another subject for another day. 2nd, you're assuming that I believe Obama isn't racist or that I support the man. The subject isn't about Obama, it's about Monica. So you can call reverse racism, sideways racism, inside-out racism, it doesn't affect the point that Monica Crowley has a racist agenda.. Translation: The Cleveland Browns, St Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs are horrible but they do not mute the fact that Oakland Raiders suck. Like I've written before. I'm moderate and your assumptions of me are 100% incorrect. And that is why, my friend, conservatives and republicans have a hard time getting my vote. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Veterans' Day 2009 at Monica Crowley
Do you have any facts that support cutting taxes will lower the unemployment rate? Bush cut taxes in 2001,2002,2003 and how well did it do for us? Even though that chart goes to 2005, i can imagine what keeps happing after that ;) So in all seriousness, does anyone have any real proof that tax cuts helps unemployment?
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Talked to Death at Monica Crowley
I'm sorry guys and gals. I have a life outside of Monica's blogs. So if I don't reply back to you quickly, it's not because I got 'chased away', it was because I was out enjoying life. :) Anyways, my comment about the VT Massacre was simply comparing our uses of the word "terrorist". I believe both Hasan and the korean kid were terrorist. So, Monica was wrong to say that Hasan's act was the worst terrorism to occur since 2001. Just because Hasan's act was inspired by his religious views and emphathic support for the terrorist DOESN'T mean that the Korean kid's act were less. For starters, lets look at foxnews article for today.,2933,574546,00.html I know you guys love fox news. Hasan was an son of Pakistan immigrants. He still has family there. He could be sending money back to his family. 2nd, army doctors were already calling him psychotic before the attack. As more and more information comes through, you people (including Monica) will be held accountable for your comments. As a moderate (not a liebral), it is my vote that you are hunting for. And so far, you guys fail due to your ignorance and lack of respect.
"Why do you assert Dr. Crowley supports a "racist agenda"? Surely you can point to specific examples that support YOUR allegations, right? Please provide, otherwise STF-UP!" - DJ Wow, I feel like I'm back in college. You must be a professor to demand for me to show my work. Well, lets warm up with her backing of Don Imus. Yes, he is a friend, she hosted some of his shows and whatnot. Unfortunately, Mr. Imus made a racial comment that was inappropriate. Does Dr. Crowley rebuke him? No. She dedicates all of her time to rebuke those who has jumped his ship. If you read her blogs that refer to Obama getting elected, she is constantly referring to his race as a factor for why he got elected. She brings up his race, and his race against the 'white woman with the mythical black president-husband' out of context to point out that his race was won by his race. BTW, how is someone given the name "mythical black president"? Because more blacks vote for him? Didn't more whites vote for him? Isn't he suppose to be president of the WHOLE USA including whites, blacks, latinos, asian, conservative, liberals? Going back to Obama and understanding Monica's clear perception of his race, why is he not given the same benefit of the doubt as GWB? Monica has stated over and over in her blogs "President Bush might have of not done _____ perfectly, but at least he's trying to get it done". How come the 'black president' doesn't get that type of support? His plans aren't perfect, but at least he's addressing them and trying to make them right. Monica seems to be on a rampage against muslims, which for the most part are people of color. If a person committs a crime but prays to Allah then it's terror. If Hasan was a bible touting Christian and did the same shooting, she would have dismissed this as just some crazy guy that let stress get to him. Ft. Hood was a horrible situation, but why not compare it to the VT massacre? 32 people died at the hands of a South Korean who didn't like his environment and had wrote and produced essays, plays and videos that should had been red flagged. Since this South Korean didn't say Allah or has connection to Muslim's then he just goes into our history as a 'crazy guy'. Do I need to keep going? Look, Monica isn't a bad person. Other than the occassional rolling her eyes when her 'opponent' is speaking, she seems nice and easy on the eyes. However, she's in the business to shock jock and to create conspiracies. Moderates don't get book deals or radio/tv time. Monica would rather sacrafice her faith, morales and common sense for 10 mins on the Bill O'Reilly show so she can promote this blog and upcoming merchandise that I'm sure you'll purchase.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on Veterans' Day 2009 at Monica Crowley
I guess Monica forgot about the Virginia Tech massacre. You know, 32 people died at the hands of a South Korean. The VT massacre and Ft Hood shooting are very similar. Both had disgruntled people who showed signs of problems before they did their act. However, one is a crime, the other is a 'jihad' war because one was religious.
Nice 'shout out' homegirl, I'm sure that you only want people to 'thank' some of the service men and women. In particular the ones that supports your right-wing, racist agenda. And I read over your website (which is basically a blog anyone can make), I notice how many things in the past you were completely wrong about. I'm surprised you didn't do to those post what you'll do to mine, delete it.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on Veterans' Day 2009 at Monica Crowley
Monica, It seems apparent that you make your money from 'shock jock' type of comments to fuel the uneducated conspiracy theorists. - Loved how you described Obama's acknowledgments at the beginning of his speech as a 'Shout Out'. I guess we are comparing Obama to some rapper now.. I wonder why. Does any other person do 'shout outs' or is it just the Black President? - You are not the only smart person in this country. Maybe you can believe that the White House knows that the DC sniper and Hasan are tied to terrorist groups but do not want to acknowledge it because it will cause major panic. If our nation felt that AQ has actually penetrated into our country then imagine how people will react. People will be afraid to shop, to travel or to trust anyone of a different color than them. Plus you empower AQ's threats. Why would you want to give our enemey that type of power just to be 'right'? - I'm NY Yankees fan. I have autograph pictures, merchandise and have met some of the players. Let's say I see some Los Angeles Dodgers players at a restaurant I work at and I decide to food poision them. What I did was a CRIME, it has no affilation with the NY Yankees. I might have been inspired because I am a Yankee fan, but the organization is not responsible. A man can be muslim, be inspired by AQ and committ an action against the US. The action is a crime, not part of the war on terror.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on A Forgotten Terrorist Attack at Monica Crowley