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I like you and I want to help.
Interests: decentralization
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I cannot emphasize enough how welcome CTW is in my feed reader. CC music is important. A commons for our culture to feed on is important. Currently my favorite artist is professor kliq. I found PK because of you. I am very grateful. What you are doing is finding the gems in the big box of CC dirt. That is an important thing to do. Not many folks are doing something that is actually that worthwhile. I hope you continue CTW or at least find a place where you can keep digging up these gems. You've got a talent for the finding and for the writing, burying your light is a shame. Good luck!
Toggle Commented May 6, 2010 on Revival or revolver at Catching The Waves
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I'm a list subscriber, but I haven't been a contributor. I care most about aGPL code - stuff I can run on my server, can modify, can redistribute, can build on. I loved the openid plugin for wp, and diso and inspired me to work on a project for federating everything as a django app. Keep it rocking - this stuff makes a HUGE difference to the future of the world. Or at least to me
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Spell check doesn't work on blog post titles?
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