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I'm surprised-given the thought-provoking stance- that this article has not had the type of reactions that one would expect from Cameroonians genuinely concerned about issues of their country. Yet, we turn to be so emotional, when mundane issues like the type of dresses that anglophones wear versus those worn by francophones. Come on folks!! Mwalimu George has written an article that should jolt the minds of any serious Cameroonian, and I expect some good feedback from those so much concerned about posterity. Thanks George, its an excellent piece and would remain indelible in our consciences as we all strive for a peaceful country.
Louis writes "effortlessly" about the problems in Cameroon, but fails to tell his readers what precisely he is doing in London. As much I hate the Cameroon system of government, I won't appear as if I'm better than those currently living in Cameroon. This is what I take from Louis's writing, and it reminds of my secondary school days when those from the "coast" always thought they were better than those of us from the North West. You identify yourself as someone who attended the university of Yaounde, an indication that you were probably born in Cameroon. Please be humble in your writing. It epitomizes arrogance. We all hate the system of government, but we should not be tactless in our approach of resolving the decay.