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@Soapbaby--you are right on with your assessment of Sabrina. No matter what words come out of her mouth she is doing the Nurses Ball for Patrick--that's what I see on my screen. She never even met Robin but she is defintely obsessed with her family. I would love to see her backstory because she is getting on my last nerve with her whimpering and crying without shedding 1 single tear. Louise, I appreciate the utilization of the entire cast as well and as a longtime viewer of OLTL I agree that this "Todd" is definitely more "David Vickers" or just an all around class clown. It's not cool that he puts Carly before Starr...that is so un-Todd like.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2013 on Now We're Getting Somewhere at Serial Drama
If I recall correctly, didn't Shawn come on GH as an ex-Marine with PTSD that worked for Jason (the mob enforcer)? I could be wrong. I do agree that all this instant love is tiresome and unbelievable. Anna falling for Luke and Todd falling for Carly just has too many holes in it. As far as Patrick and Sabrina--hopefully she'll find true love with someone else and the writers will see fit to move Patrick on to an adult story because this couple does not work. I'm guessing she's supposed to be a good girl that reminds the viewers of Robin but Robin was never this naive or weak, even as a young child. Why can't Patrick be a single dad that dates? Why must he find a replacement for Robin so soon? Whatever happened to the nanny/babysitter that worked for the Drakes when Robin was alive? A lot is working on GH though. Stories are moving along, more cast integraton, love the vets and the entire show doesn't revolve around 3 characters. As far as the vampire stuff, like it but hope it doesn't last so long that it eats up the rest of the show.
It saddens me to admit that when Sabrina was first introduced, I found her refreshing. Not so much anymore. The girl is tiresome, pathetic and unrootable as an underdog. Is there a grown woman alive in 2013 that acts so juvenile and insecure? Patrick has been relegated to an extra for Sabrina's story and Britt needs a back story ASAP. I'm just waiting for the ball to drop and we find out that Sabrina is an alien sent to earth to spread sunshine and happiness. (Casey the Alien's daughter). And YES, Frisco is back!!
I thought I was the only one he saw the Patrick and Ellie possibility. Thanks, TekBuneE I think Ellie would make a much better match with Patrick than both Sabrina and Britt. She has personality, a backbone and is not afraid of confrontation. She's also very intelligent. I'm afraid that Sabrina will be a doormat for Patrick to walk all over. She's not really in love with him, she idolizes him and I hope someone points that out to her soon. And if a makeover is what she needs for him to see her as a woman, she deserves more.
Karen Wolek and Margo Dane were the two characters that stick out in my mind. I was only a little kid but I'll never forget Karen confessing to being a hooker on the witness stand. And of course Victoria and all her alters. No one has ever done it better. Dorian and her affair with young Joey Buchanan was one of the greatest love stories ever told. OLTL was also the first soaps that had minority characters and dealt with relevent social issues: Race relations, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, abortion... I will truly miss this fantastic story and hope that more characters from OLTL find a place on GH. As far as I'm concerned it can only help GH.
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My theory is that since Vimmel works at BE, he would've known Natalie Banks as being Clint's daughter. He switched her results after Marty printed out the correct results. I think she'll use the fact that Natalie had to have a paternity test as leverage to antagonize her and either unintentionally make her miscarry or give premature birth. Nat will assume that she knows that Brody is the father and stress out. Jessica's baby daddy is Brody and Clint is Rex's dad.
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2010 on Math Hurts My Head at Serial Drama
Someone help me out with this...please. I guess I missed something because didn't Mitch give his bone marrow to save Rex's son? Didn't the writers already prove that Mitch was his father? I admit that I don't watch OLTL everyday but I definitely saw that story play out. Do the writers plan on switching the bone marrow to Clint's? Tell me what I missed? Thanks.
I do believe the dialogue for today between Steven and Patrick was written for the Robin haters. If you read a few of the message boards you will find people who think that Patrick's infidelity was Robin's fault (unfortunately more people than you think). For example: If she hadn't went to Africa...If she hadn't remembered Stone...If she would have left her daughter at home and partied at Jake's...Patrick would not have cheating. Sickening, I know. I can see the writing on the wall and Robin will be carted away to Shadybrooke soon (committed by her loving, faithless husband). She only has herself to blame for not forgiving him in a day or two. (sarcasm/hate this storyline). On the other hand, the children rock!!
CL - I agree with you. That would have been a more interesting story with Lisa and the brain tumor redemption. I don't think leaving a stroller for less than 2 seconds makes you a bad mother or is the same as leaving a child unattended. It was definitely careless. Any mother will tell you that when you're at a store, restaurant, etc... there are times that you have to turn your back for a few seconds. Kelly's is a neighborhood diner that Robin would think is a safe place. But I do think that Robin should have pulled the stroller back inside with her to grab her coffee. Plot points be damned. I just hope that Patrick keeps believing Robin because I have a funny feeling that pretty soon she'll have no one on her side.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on On Conflicts and Contrivance at Serial Drama
I'm sitting next to 'Marianne'. :) I am in total agreement and no matter how much they say this is partly Robin's fault, I am not drinking the Kool-aid. Patrick and Lisa are both responsible for their own actions. He acted like the jilted lover and chased Lisa to get her attention. I know because that is what I saw on my television and I'm sure that by next week Robin will be blaming herself.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on Heart Of Stone at Serial Drama
I totally agree that there is no way that this is the first time that Robin mentioned Brenda to Patrick. She's brought up her past with Stone, Jason and Sonny and like you, I think that Brenda would've had to been mentioned somewhere in there. I can already tell that all Brenda's scenes will involve Sonny, Jason, Carly and Spinelli (maybe Jax and Johnny, here and there). Robin will be lucky if she finds out that Brenda is in town until a few months later.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2010 on Bringing Brenda Back at Serial Drama
Spinelli has to be about the most useless airhog ever on a soap. As far as I'm concerned his only purpose is for me to hate Maxie. GH is a show about the mob so the writers have to justify their criminal activities. They throw us stupid characters saying inane things, like Spixie to do just that. I'll be so glad when Jax gets paired up with someone else. I hear Brenda's coming back. If only. But even the beautiful Miss Barrett won't be able to fix Jax.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2010 on Disturbing and, Um, at Serial Drama
Okay, I just finished watching GH. Whatever happened to the loving SCRUBS of last year? Anyone remember them standing up for each other and declaring their love in Nov/Dec? I see a breakup looming on the horizon or a cheating Patrick blaming Robin for his actions. I also wish that Carly would go to jail for perjury and Josslyn can go live with Lady Jane. Just get that lying slut off my screen. Pod-Jax is ball-less. Nu-nu-Michael's first scene with Sonny is bound to leave us all in fits of laughter. I know Dante is supposed to be 20 but looks closer to 30 and in no way can pass for Sonny or Olivia's kid unless he was conceived when they were in grade school (make that Kindergarten). Poor Matt was brushed off for his 6 seconds of airtime this quarter, time for him to go back in his corner. It seems Maxie is with Spinelli more out of pity than anything else. PLEASE BREAK THEM UP so I don't have to ff Maxie. I think the writers couldn't figure out how to put Lisa at the bar with Patrick and that was the only reason we had that random Jake's scene with Claire. Odd.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on Bad Idea Jeans at Serial Drama
I haven't watched AMC in months but I had to catch the return of ZEN. I always loved Zach and Kendell but hated Greenlea and all her self-righteousness. It was disappointing to see that Greenlea hadn't changed one bit, even after death. Glad that her and Ryan are not together. David Hayward and Adam Chandler are my all time favorites.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2010 on Zen Shorts at Serial Drama
You're comments are spot on as always. I think that Marty and John are a very boring couple and we can all see the writing on the wall with the reasons they're still together. I don't look forward to John staying with her out of guilt though. John does need to grow and have an adult relationship with someone else. Roxy is one of my faves and I hope that she stays on the OLTL.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2010 on Look Kids, Train Wrecks Can Be Fun! at Serial Drama
I will miss Kish too and I believe there is the potential for more groundbreaking story-telling with these two. They could show little Sierra Rose grow up with two daddies and how the rest of Llanview reacts to it. As far as Schulyer and Rachael: they both need better stories. I hope they recast Kim, if only to see her stick it to Rex and Gigi. Gigi and Rex are both boring and hypocritical. I only wish that Adriana takes Rex back so that he can become exciting again.
Love your comments about the facial expressions. I feel like Sonny is always looking for the teleprompter whenever he's on screen. He's squinting, blinking and turning his eyes away from the person he's supposed to be talking to. As for Carly - she is the worth wife EVER...always choosing Sonny ahead of Jax. Speaking of Jax, dumbest husband ever...oh, that's why they're married. Poor Josslyn. Liz/Lucky are doing a fantastic job with their story...Nik not so much. I love Scrubs but Robin needs to get angry and stop letting Patrick yell at her and then go out with his old girlfriend. If we're supposed to believe that Patrick was such a player back in the day, why in the world is he so slow realizing what Lisa is up to? Don't get it. As for Claire....I'll reserve judgment for a while.
I think Zach and Kendall are only coming back to get Greenlee and Ryan back together. I can actually stomach Greenlee and Ryan when they're apart but together they seem to forget the history of AMC. Leo and Jillian must be turning over in their graves. Right now, Annie is the best character on AMC and I hope they don't sacrafice her again for Greens. Keep her with the Chandlers.
I absolutely hate when Robin refuses to see Sonny in the present. I believe that the only way Robin will actually see Sonny for who he is will happen if he hurts Emma (unintentinally) or Patrick. Call me dense but I'm not getting the Scrubs/Lisa storyline at all. Patrick was right about Sonny but he could've tried to reason with his wife (he's an ass). In contrast to Sam, who know's who Jason is and what he does and doesn't make excuses for it but thinks because she loves him everyone else should. (Duh). Sonny needs to take responsibility for his life that he chose and take his ass to jail and bunk with Anthony Z. That would be good for both of them.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2010 on The New Neutrals at Serial Drama