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i know you're not fishing for complements. and its a tangent. but, looking good these days stockfather ! the return to the longish hair was a risk that has paid off :) i played 5-a-side most weeks for the last 10+ years. in the last 2 years i haven't had a game. sometimes all it takes to tip the scales, literally.
have to say, i agree 100%. but to be fair to nani he was just doing that thing they do.. he was sure he'd been fouled so put his hand on the ball to force the ref to make a decision, a bit annoying but not a cardinal sin. as for the ref, he played on as spurs had the ball and were chasing the game, its not his fault that gomes did something stupid.
It's funny how seemingly low key lines in an album stand out. I've listened to it maybe 2-3 times and if you'd asked me to quote a lyric, i'd have said 'OK I’m not what I promised you I’d become'... even though its hardly Keats. a simple honest sentiment i guess, well sung.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on THE SWELL SEASON - STRICT JOY at SOUL SURMISE