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That is so awesome!!! Can't wait for it!!!! You are such an incredibly talented artist! I will have to look at the schedule and see if NY is do-able in AUG!!! Would be so great if we could attend!!! Take care and keep on rocking!!!! Kim
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This is soo true Ryan!!! Why are they not making drivers retest after so many years (like a certain age). Lord knows some of these sweet little old people don't need to be driving no more, LOL!! I am a mutli-tasker myself... Usually make-up and driving on the way to work, then on the way home usually playing a radio game of sorts to win free stuff!!! I even was trying so hard to win tickets to a concert once, I was actually driving with the knees and dialing with 2 different cell phones (one in each hand!) I don't suggest this as common practice while driving but if the local radio station was giving away Ryan Star concert tickets, I would do it again in a heart beat!!!! LOL Take care, always good to read your blogs! Kim (aka @h011yp0p's mom)
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Hey, Ryan sorry to hear Serena had to cancel. Hope everything is ok for her.... Noticed it says on the website for the Greenville, SC show that you are headlining???? Is this true??? Is that show still on???? I sure hope so!!!!!! Kim
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on Tour Cancellation at Ryan Star
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super excited to see you're touring again! Will definetly see you in Greenville, SC and maybe N Augusta (but can't seem to find out how to get tickets for that show?)
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