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ali jonesy
Interests: husband, the dog, the military, my sisters, digital scrapbooking, cooking, photography, exercising, decorating, golfing, trying to find a way to help those in poverty in our country without creating throngs of dependent, entitled citizens, donating to good will, and a nice cocktail <br><br>NOT interested in: the news, Obama (or any other politician for that matter), mopping, poor customer service, the criminals and pranksters that are terrorizing my beautiful neighborhood, and the lack of closet space in my house
Recent Activity
So I think I finally found out that this "thing" that plagued our city was a Nor'easter than ran into Tropical Storm Ida: 2: the number of (legitimate) days off of school 3: the number of extra blankets I had to put on my bed at night! 4: the number of inches of standing water that we had in our backyard 5: the number of times I had to carry or pull The Rat outside to go to the bathroom...he didn't quite understand that the rain wasn't going to might be time for some potty training! 7: the number... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2009 at A Life in Pixels
Our backyard that is now a pond. We are officially underwater and living on an island! Ida (the tropical storm/hurricane/Nor’easter...whatever she is) is certainly wreaking havoc on our little city. The benefits of living almost below sea level are that schools get closed...the drawbacks are that there is flooding so you can’t go anywhere and pretty much everything gets closed because of flooding...including Blockbuster AND the gym! :( I tried to venture out today and made it all of 4 blocks before meeting all the road closures! Luckily I found a sneaky way to make it to the grocery store... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2009 at A Life in Pixels
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Nov 12, 2009