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Well said, loved the 2 last paragraphs. Personally, I have been reflecting about this a lot lately and to me, it's more grey than black or white. A lot of factors determine how you can define work/non-work life. And you know me, work is who I am or I am who I am because I love work. Factors at hand in startupland: - stage of the company (5 people or 200) - support by way of members on your team, including Directors (delegate decision-making) - personal factors (I want to be 100% every time, I've accepted that my mom's passing has triggered a deep sadness that doesn't let me be 100% right now) - clarity in vision, mission and strategy - leadership style (hands on vs. empowering) - Prob a few more Good post, got me reflecting more.
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Thanks again for the interview, Maria! We love Yammer here at SoundCloud. And - whoopsie, send you the wrong link for the last paragraph, this is the one: David
Wow, heavy story with a happy turn-out. Thanks for sharing.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Payback Hurts at Babbling VC
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A good early customer development technique is to ask your users/customers what alternative they were likely to choose if your service wasn't available to them
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on How to Recognize Competition at Babbling VC
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Great post. With commitment comes motivation. Not necessarily vice versa. (typo in "verses" in the last paragraph)
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Feb 16, 2010
There's something flawed when a business says about itself that it is innovative. If no one's gonna buy your product or service, it's not innovation. It's an experiment.
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