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Thanks for a great post Anne! I would like to add two comments though: 1) To me the notion of "shared services" doesn't have to start with reuse. It starts with establishing non-overlapping functional contexts and responsibilities of services. It is then a matter of governance to ensure that no overlapping functionality or similar functionality is implemented in multiple services. Of course, this can be quite a challenge due to the power structures of the organization. In the end we may end up with some functionality that is really reused, but also something that is almost as useful: Knowing where to look for a certain piece of functionality plus synergies that when developing new functionality that is similar to already existing functionality. 2) Flexibility is something that comes with a price tag. To understand why we prioritized flexibility we also should point back to the preamble that states what we want to achieve by applying SOA: "sustainable business value" ... "in line with changing business needs". With such a long term aim in mind the need of flexibility is of course considerable. By the way, I was approached by a guy that noted that SOME of the manifesto authors "already declared SOA dead. Isnt life strange?" :) /Herbjörn
Sorry, the end parethesis was not supposed to be in the link: /Herbjörn
Very nicely put! Using the right tool for the job and the practice of right-engineering ( is extremely valuable when developing software that is to be put to real use. /Herbjörn