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“Maria Shiver’s women’s conference really opened my eyes to how hungry women are to learn from each other, and how the business and the personal intertwines in a way that it doesn't for many men,” a journalist colleague who attended wrote me in an email. His comments gave me another reason to finish my memoir. He added, “I’m struck by how the audiences - not just for the big speakers, but also in smaller forums - really listened so intently. It was as if people aren't really talking TO them in other contexts.” I want to add my voice to... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2010 at Six Great Books
Setting goals is one way to make progress in life. If we don't know where we are going, how will we know when we get there? If we hope to become a writer defining that goal isn’t rocket science: put something on the page, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite and get it out there to readers. Most of us write with the hope we will be published. Picturing the outcome of publishing is a great way to start and can fuel the intention. What writer hasn’t visualized the title, book cover, web site and even the media tour? Still, dreaming isn’t publishing.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2010 at Six Great Books
Inspired by pharmaceutical companies that create acronyms for as-yet unheard of diseases, I have invented one for my Six Great Books colleagues: WGE Syndrome. Writer's Group Euphoria Syndrome is something I suffer from every two weeks. It begins a few hours before our group meets with low-level anxiety: what if my next submission disappoints my most loyal writing group readers? Lively discussion suppresses my symptoms during our meeting. Following the group WGE syndrome manifests in full. I think back on the aspects of my writing that engaged my colleagues—their comments about what they “loved” and scenes that evoked strong reactions.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2010 at Six Great Books
Jackie, You have wonderful insight -- thank you for this comment. By the way, you remind me of one of my favorite people and Im saving a copy of my book for you! Best, Molly
I was not the kid who read under the covers with a flashlight. The pink plastic journal with My Diary embossed in gold that I got for my 13th birthday had a total of three entrees. I suffered through English essays in high school, barely showed up for term papers in college and the first memo I ever wrote was returned to me folded in half and stapled. When I ripped it open my hands shook. The note, scribbled by my boss across the top of the paper, said, “Molly this is terrible writing – it’s disorganized and makes no... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2010 at Six Great Books
For all the "openness" in our society everyone wears masks. We take them off in the writer's group and I believe the authenticity is why the group is so vital for all of us. My fellow members revelations draw me to their stories. Who can't relate to the abandonment, pain, and hurt or the triumph and joy when we transcend it? So, the challenge we face is whether the commitment to honesty, for me part of the purpose in writing the book, can be reconciled with the cost of telling the truth, especially when it includes the lives and feelings... Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2009 at Six Great Books