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Hello and thank you for all your organization has done and will continue to do, I recently heard a broadcast about african-indian americans on ustreamtv and I would like to get a little help with some research on my family. If a family was issued an indian roll number and has misplaced that information what do they to reclaim another copy. And how do you trace a tribe, on the maternal side of my family my Great,great,great Grandmother was a Blackfoot indian from Alberta Canada her name was Sally Two Tree when she came here she had a daughter my Great,great Grandmother Sarah Bloodworth Grant she had 8 names but I only knew her as Grandma Sarah where would I find out more about them. Also how do you track the slaves? My Great,great,great Grandfather was a slave by the name of Isiah Smith his slave owners lastname where Jones. He was born sometime 1835 he fought in the Spanish American War, he also married a woman named Louisa Cotton I don't know if they had children and he passed April 1926. Where do I go to find out more about them and anyone else thats a part of my ancestry, if you have any information that can help me out please contact me.