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Robert (electricman) Weekley
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I just want the battery pack designer to make me one that fits my old firefly - now electricfly - in the space of the old Gas Tank, 40 Litres / about 10 Gallons, and gives me about 100+ Kms Range! OK - 150 kms would be nice too, but 100 would for me for now - Pretty much covers 80%+ of my current needs! Sure - if I could recharge it at Buffalo Airport while I am there for 4-5 days each flight I make - then - I sould need one that gets me about 250 kms or so - maybe 200 would do, but a bit of a margin is better!
Would this kind of a product work on simpler EV's like my firefly (electricfly) Ev Conversion? Lead Acid Batteries are prety much cold sensitive too - and work better (a lot) at 25-27C versus 0C (Like tonight) Is this going to be retailed anytime soon? could it be used in these battery boxes?