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Ibish is projecting his own undesirable traits as all narcissists do. Normative Islam. Barbaric.
Sharia is pure conspiracy. When a country has a ruler who does not enforce Sharia, Muslims have a religious duty to make war on the ruler and overthrow him. That is conspiratorial. In other words, Muslims in the USA have a religious duty under Sharia law to overthrow the constution and government of the United States and impose Sharia law as the supreme law and legislation of the USA. Therefore, Sharia law is conspiratorial and a crime against the US constitution.
It's now looking likely that someone known to Al-Harbi is part of a group of conspirators.
No spin will work any more to protect this fascist cult of death. The enemy is within. 'Warfare is ordained for you.' 'Kill the unbelievers WHEREVER you find...with EVERY STRATEGEM'...deceit, surprise, disinformation, outright lies. Nothing will save Islam from the condemnation of public opinion. 'ALLAHU AKBAR!' is the war-cry of jihadists. All Muslims are commanded to be jihadists.
Oh, Politicians, Are you listening? This is an international, totalitarian political movement. The goal is to remove our civil liberties, political freedoms and human rights! What are you doing to stop the political attacks on the free democracies. There has to be a stop to immigration until we understand the political threat and how to reverse it.
So how do we know a Moslem is 'moderate'? He hasn't beheaded his wife yet.
Islam has been tried in the world court of public opinion and found a violent cult of human sacrifice. The trial of Geert Wilders will be like the Scopes trial. It will confirm what public opinion already knows by quoting chapter and verse. The writings of the mullahs will be trotted out containing all the misogyny, Jew-hatred, holocaust denial, and unquenchable hatred of the 'other'. Over 1400 years of aggressive genocidal jihad will be examined and the 270 million victims of jihad. This is a cult of death.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on Geert Wilders Goes on Trial Today at Atlas Shrugs
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Jan 29, 2010