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Nov 15, 2012
The path to becoming a change agent is full of risk. There's a lot of "asking forgiveness rather than permission" and it takes time to establish a reputation in this field. Therefore, it is wise to assess your comfort level with the risk (what's the worst case? will you survive losing your job? can you afford to strike out on your own?) before forging ahead (forgive the expression) balls to the wall.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2011 on Becoming a change agent at Web Ink Now
Michelle -- this is perfect and has been on my mind as well (I am pretty sure we have the same source of inspiration on this). I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on this and will share this post when I'm asked about this or when I see people going down this road. Thanks for a very useful post.
I am completely with you on this and stick to the term "specialist" - the nature of social media requires constant learning - no one can truly be an expert in something that is ever evolving and requires daily learning. To call oneself an expert is arrogance that deserves a cynical eye.
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