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Hi everyone, thanks for the comments! Catty, Su-Lin, May -- Indeed, I do sometimes wonder if I should be less ready to pay up the 10/12.5% service often slapped onto the end of the bill when the service has been reluctant at best. Have been to a few lovely places recently where the service was fantastic, really makes you think.... Luiz -- Thanks for the encouragement! I saw Greedy Diva's post -- the food did look good, guess it does reinforce my 'taken with a pinch of salt' opinion of reviews where the blogger is invited and hosted specially by the restaurant, especially when it comes to service and value-for-money.
Thanks for the comment - always nice to know these posts actually come in useful for someone =)
Hiromi/Lizzie - thanks for the tips! Still so much of London to explore... Roxy - no problem, best of luck with your move!
Hi Diane -- the bain-marie allows a gentler baking of the cake. I've not tried without it, as it's not hard to set up a bain-marie (just fill a roasting tin with hot water) -- but if you want to experiment, do let me know what the results are, for future reference! Best of luck with your baking, Jen
Hi Monica - white chocolate seems pretty hard to work with - it may be a case that we used completely different chocolates... Maybe try with less cream? Thanks for stopping by =)
Sushi Sniper - I live in the UK, so when I say "supermarket sushi", I'm talking about dry, tasteless, non-sushi sushi that local supermarkets sell here. I'm sure Japanese supermarket sushi is definitely worth having!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on DIY Sushi at DashiDashi | The Japanese Food Blog
Luiz - aww you're far too kind =) Thanks again for being an awesome host, as always! Sasa - hope you've had a great holiday (or two) too! I ate far too much cured ham and blue cheese in France - with lots of and lots of bread....
Glad you liked it =) Wanted to go this Sunday, but then remembered they're closed - sigh!
Awww, thanks all! Am still a die-hard dark choc fan though....
Hi Nasu - thanks! I used single cream, and poured cream down a chopstick into the pudding, while swirling - give it a go, it's pretty fun =)
Thanks for all the lovely comments! Nordic Nibbler - I'm still working on my sushi rice - a bit of a work in progress, will keep you updated... In the same vein, if anyone knows the secret to infallibly good sushi rice, do share!
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2010 on DIY Sushi at DashiDashi | The Japanese Food Blog
clumbsycookie - thanks for the recipe - those vol-au-vent-tarts are so cute! Shiruko - chinese egg tarts are great too, I don't think I could choose between the two. Will work on my pasteis de nata before moving on to the other type... =)
Ooo, will check them both out - thanks!
Toav - coconut milk, interesting... Will have to try that in some future interation =) I bought some kuzu the other day, for no apparent reason - must get round to using it! Luiz - I actually found a packet of sesame powder after I made the panna cotta. Haven't seen essense before though - would be interesting to try. The sesame powder (ground down from seeds) wasn't gritty at all - if anything, could have done with twice as much. =)
Hi meemalee - will check out Roads to Sata, thanks for the tip! Sushi and Beyond has just been nominated for a Guild of Food Writers award - we obviously all have a great taste =)
Hi Michael - congrats on the nomination! Will have my fingers crossed for Sushi and Beyond (though I now *may* just have to check out The Hungry Cyclist too =) )
Toggle Commented May 31, 2010 on Guild of Food Writers nomination at Michael Booth
Hi! The recipe is most definitely a v0.1, so do let me know any feedback/improvements. I want to find a way to let the black sesame "infuse" more - maybe actually letting the grinder get the seeds into a paste (instead of powder). Let the iterations begin....
Thanks for the comments, all =) Luiz - lime juice sounds like a great idea - will have to try that next time!
Shiruko - I quite enjoyed Itadaki Zen - if you go with a big enough group, you can take over the downstairs room. The menu's quite interesting too, lots of dishes I'd not heard of before... Su-Lin - Yup, I asked the waitress, and as FM said, they do make their own udon. Let me know what you think of the place! Luiz - How about in Japan - is udon something people tend to go out to eat, or cook at home more? PS: Any news on the next London Cooking Club? =) FM - Wow, I need to read more about Sanuki udon - sounds like quite a labour of love...
Hi Shiruko - there were some dishes marked as veggie, so is worth asking about the dashi, they sound like a pretty clued-up place. Have you tried Itadaki Zen, the vegan Japanese place near Kings Cross?
Hi Nikki - I've not seen fresh mochi in London, except perhaps the ones already sold with fillings, in the confectionary sections at some Japanese supermarkets. (See for link to some Japanese supermarkets in London.) I asked a Japanese friend here too - she said she hasn't seen it around either, but what about trying to make it at home? =) If you have any luck (with the search, or making it yourself), do let me know! JenJen
Hi Luiz, I think you've summed it up quite well there! I've only been to Asakusa once so far, so don't feel can make the comparison, seeing as have eaten at Sakura many many times more... But I did enjoy the food there. =) JenJen
Hi Luiz, Awww thanks - high praise indeed! Do let me know what you think of the place when you make it there =) JenJen
Hi Wild Boar - yay, nice to find more Malaysian food bloggers in London! [Well, I half-count as one... =) ] The beef tartare was fine, but I don't think it beats a proper French tartare, or just a whole piece of beef nigiri.
Hi Luiz, Short answer is: I think there are better places in London to blow £70 quid on dinner, both in terms of quality of food and glitz factor... That said, the miso black cod was good value for two huge pieces at £26, and the cocktails (£12 each) and service (12.5%) inflated the bill quite a bit. Longer answer in e-mail winging your way. =)