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Model turned fashion photographer Mara Z. was born and raised in Milan, Italy. After a PhD in Mass Media Studies, she moved to Paris lo learn more about fashion photography and lighting. She has already published several editorial spreads in both french and international magazines. You can browse to to see some of her work. Today she still assists a couple of successful photographers.
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Image Yes, this blog will be soon offline.. so please replace your bookmark. So I have been away for.. one whole year.. I have been shooting, learning video editing, I got a house in Brooklyn, which means now I get to spread clothes in yet another fashion capital.. but I still have nothing to wear. I am so excited to show you my new stuff including models' videos, looks, make up tutorials and Vlogs, starting this December... Please subscribe as well onto my new YouTube Channel so you know whenever I upload a new video. Until then.. love, Mara ps.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2012 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
* Agnès N @ VIVA Paris * all pics © Mara Zampariolo I shot these pictures of Agnès when she first arrived in Paris, back in July. I also recommended her to a couple of fellow lensmen. We are all enthusiastic about her. Agnes impressed me right away with her amazing sense of style (she is wearing her own clothes in these shots). When she started posing, I knew I was shooting one of these girls whose photogeny could be almost irritating, if I wasn't taking her picture ! You simply cannot get a bad picture of her. She is... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2011 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
† Valery K @ Marilyn † all pics © Mara Zampariolo Valery K @ Marilyn Paris wearing photogrpaher's own Thomas Burberry black wool coat Introducing Valery K, 17 y.o.newface from Marilyn, with some serious supermodel potential, in my opinion. Here she is in natural light with zero makeup. Valery is 17, from Russia, and when she showed up at my place she did.. with her mommy. † - † Here is the full story of our enconter, and of how I got my vampire ass busted despite my best effort to be more relatable. Dr. YouDontfoolMe or: How I learned... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2011 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
Hi everyone ! Today I am bringing you another pearl from my casting sessions, Ileana Bernardini @ VIVA. As always, there are only 3 rules to this project: 30 seconds, 2 questions, 0 makeup. see more pictures of Ileana @ VIVA's website I have incredibly high expectations for this girl; my bet is that she will be a supermodel before Berlusconi turns his latest underage slut into a TV HOst. I'm posting two pictures I shot for her portfolio (the color one is actually her comp card) + this short video, which happens to be the very first one I've... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2010 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
3 rules only: 30 seconds, 2 questions, 0 make up. ...Madé @ VIVA NOTE: in my video & pictures of Madé (and all the girls that will follow) she is wearing absolutely NO MAKEUP WHATSOEVER I know, it should be illegal looking like that. Ok ok, I realize last time I posted something onto this blog bleached eyebrows were IN, and I'm sorry, 'mk? I might be older, wearing a gardenia-print burgundy knit, which of course is covered in cat's hair, which have put up a few pounds themselves, I lost most of my hair dying it in platinum blonde,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2010 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
all pictures © Boris Ovini -----> Click Onto Pics To ENLARGE ! <----- - I'M WEARING - vintage styling: Inès Fendri; accessories and jewels: Baptiste Viry; dust and french cigarettes: courtesy of the photographer, who got me rolling on the floor and smoking - PART 1/ WHERE MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE : NOW I GOT SO HOT I GET PAID TO ROLL IN DIRT Hi everyone ('cuz someone's still checking out mi blog, 'aight?). Today I'm posting designer Baptiste Viry's SS 2010 lookbook to make up the late "distinct lack of posts". Baptiste is talented, french, dark and tall.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2010 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
UGH! this vogue cover is UGGLY! so commercial and tasteless. the person who did this should be fired... i took better pictures of my friends, seriously. way less commercial... how they dare doing this to natasha? mara from ElegaNTLty wASTED --> Good Style as Seen on Bad Gals
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ok i usually dont like smoking related gifts but... this lighter is original funky and overall really something new. Love it! Maybe I should stard smocking again ! Ha! mara from EleGaNTLy wASTED ---> Good style as Seeon on Bad Gals
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2009 on The Ultimate at - Fashion Blog
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.. all pictures © mara zampariolo - please ask before using -----> Click Onto Pics To ENLARGE ! <----- - LORRAINE IS WEARING: - Lace dress: vintage; Destroyed legging: Zoe's Tees; Black tunic: Agnès b; Shoes: New Look; I am currently in Italy for Christmas Holidays, staying at my father's. This means that I am force fed far too much italian food to make any sense in English anyway. I beg your pardon. As usual, my pictures have little to do with my writing but you know what? A slice of Panettone has enough carbs to put me in a... Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2009 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
all pictures © mara zampariolo (Click onto pic to elarge it. Please ask me before using my pics) Paris, Sunday 6th, December 2009 - I'M WEARING: Destroyed T-shirt (prototype): Maison Martin Margiela; sweatear: Dries Von Noten; mens pants: Comme des Garçons; studded boots: Demonia, vintage leather blazer: Kenzo; snake ring: Estrosia; bag: vintage (Adom, Paris rue de la Roquette); scarf: Burberry; Have you ever read "Zazie in the Subway", a novel by Raymond Queneau? The story is charming. Zazie is a little girl who gets to spend the weekend at her uncle's in Paris, while her mama is screwing her... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2009 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
all pics © mara zampariolo - please ask me before using ....ClicK oNTO PiCtuRE tO ENLARGE... - Friday, December 11th 2009 Paris, Pont Neuf - LORRAINE IS WEARING: Leopard print dress: Sinéquanone; belt: Primark; lace tights: Le Bourget; low boots: Zara; furry collar coat: vintage; arlequin print scarf: H&M Introducing my dear friend Lorraine Cassen, photo stylist and notorious shoe addict. She will be regularly featured in this blog, modeling many of her amazing looks Lorraine believes in bleached hair, designer sales and red wine She also has a fashion interview in my old blog - Lorraine has the superpower... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2009 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
stirke da pose ! remind me of Benni Ninja of ANTM ! love, xoxo mara from EleGaNTLy wASTED --> a junkie's take on style. Courtney Loves it.
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I haven seen this ad yet but yes, it is beautiful indeed. im so sick and tired of these Dolce and Gabbana/guess ads, so raunchy. somebody bring back the good taste !
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hi Bryan I just discovered your blog. Amazing work ! I'll come check it out every morning and I'm linking you as I type. cheers from Paris, a rookie in style blogging! mara from EleGaNTLy wASTED
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....... if she vomits let her go. all pictures © mara zampariolo - click onto the pic to enlarge it - Wedneday 9th, Dec 2009 @ my place, Paris 11 VICTORIA IS WEARING: L'Oréal lipstick N.710; PIMKIE marinière Tshirt; DNA-lottery winning body and face Today I had lunch with Victoria, my model friend. I had quinoa and veggies. She drank my blood. I love my model friend, even though she bites me on my neck and she makes me look uglier by comparison. Here's why: 1 - She can have my model-friendly lunch. Than also a ginourmous portion of Sicilian... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2009 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
Follow my blog with bloglovin all pictures © mara zampariolo please contact me before using them Satuday 5th, Dec 2009 Simply Market, place Léon Blum, Paris I'M WEARING: fitted leather blazer: vintage Kenzo; nude fishnet knit: Maison Martin Margiela, line 1; beige sweater: Dries von Noten; destroyed T-shirt: Maison Martin Margiela, (prototype, eventually didn't get manufactured in this color); draped skirt: Rick Owens; checked scarf: courtesy of Korea Airlines. Ok ok, I stole it; studded boots: Demonia; snake ring: Estrosia (entering the aisle in a cowboy walk empowers me; seeing my complete lack of grace in still pictures a couple... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2009 at EleGaNTLy wASTED
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