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New York state of mind guy - a seller of solutions for Brands
Interests: running, golf, skiing, social media, colbert, reading non-fiction and anything to do with cooking; huge radio head and david gray fan. bbc tv, friends re-runs, the office. premier league soccer fan, nhl hockey.
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BREAKING NEWS & Explores Strategic OptionsTuesday, November 30, 2010Steve SmithComment Print Email Article Database Digg FacebookReprints One of the first and most enduring stand-alone online media brands,, is exploring options for merging with another news organization or being acquired outright. CEO Richard Gingras told The Wall Street Journal yesterday (Nov. 29) that the dream of maintaining a Web-only, profitable, journalism-driven operation may not be feasible right now. via I hope they sell and at a premium - I own shares! Continue reading
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Timberland boots with Gap jeans and a white T with a cardigan sweater...chic butch!
via Good argument for an integrated approach with an end business goal in mind. Continue reading
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Utility Blindness— Clayton RuebensaalOn my last flight to Dallas for a pitch, I was inspired by a large, blank piece of paper: my at-home computer-printed boarding pass.Read Full ArticleMore Guest Columnists via Continue reading
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If I'm still on this Planet....wealthy and retired and helping save the Planet! Continue reading
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Recent video from TED Global Continue reading
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via nothing to do with social media - or does it? You Tube video Continue reading
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Six Apart is shutting down its free blogging service, Vox, and as Mike points out this announcement is really about cleaning up for an upcoming merger with VideoEgg. With 250 million uniques worldwide spread across thousands of blogs and a growing ad business, Six Apart isn’t a failure. But, like Slide and like Digg, it hasn’t lived up to its promise either. And products like Vox are a big reason why: As blogging was getting more open and commenters more mean spirited, Vox was intended as a clean, well-lit place in the blogosphere. It had a great UI and some... Continue reading
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quit a comfortable job back in the 80s to hitch hike through Canada's North east provinces including New Foundland...crazy yes - but it changed by whole perspective on life - I did have a hard time getting work when I returned 2 months later and almost lost my girlfiend as well. Continue reading
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Corporate blogs are alive and thriving, yet require nurturing to avoid becoming irrelevant and obsolete. Care is needed to ensure they complement, rather than compete, with an organization's initiatives on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. via Six Apart has seen a huge lift in sales due to corporations better understanding the benefits of blogs...I am actually posting this article on my TypePad blog right now and commenting on the article, and at the same time, sharing(cross posting) on/to my Facebook news feed and Twitter page. This TypePad functionality allows corp. bloggers to do the same-manage their social graph... Continue reading
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Posted on June 20th, 2010. via Thats good news --- how can they possible beat In rainbows? Continue reading
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Gmail - Android Used By More Developers Than Apple - Continue reading
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Not Afraid, Eminem TypePad Conversations » Answer this question! via Continue reading
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Graduation day!
Jun 18, 2010