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What is this? I can't even get a hat tip for coining the word and putting it in the comments several years ago already? I would sue, but I think it is dishonorable for the poor to sue the poor! Great posting! Roy
Toggle Commented May 31, 2014 on Ask Carpetblog: What is Turknology? at Carpetblogger
Anne has always been wonderful to me. Her hair is always covered by something colorful. Except the time we took her too the beach where she let it down to the middle of her back. Once I took her to an outlet mall by Seattle. There was an American woman shopping that had very long, fine hair in a single braid that reached her ass. Anne walked right up behind her and picked that braid up to look at and feel it. I was flabergasted. Fortunately the lady was an understanding hippy chick who started asking Anne questions. Then Anne started asking HER questions. The best I could do was answer the hippy's questions, since I don't understand Anne. Maybe that is why we get along?
My Dear Carpetblogger, Against my better judgment I am spending twice as much as I spent on my first car to bring my wife and our three hooligans to Adana to see my in-laws. Much fun and Adana-kebab are anticipated. My question is what present should I bring for my 60 + year old MIL who is fairly conservative? I would like to surprise her, but smuggling booze in for someone who doesn't drink seems like a waste. Any suggestions? Roy is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 7, 2010