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Interests: i love to read, definately love to write! dancing is my passion!
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Jan 25, 2010
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Jan 25, 2010
Ok. This wknd proved to be exciting. Was kinda bummed to have to come home. BUT my girls wknd w their father was over, and it was time to get back to the old routine. My damn dryer is broke, so I had to drag 3 little girls w me to the laundry mat. That was def not an experience that i want to everrrrrrrrrrrrr repeat again. OMG!! I love my girls!! They are my life, but its exhausting being a single parent. Being both the mom and dad in the house hold, except on the few days they go... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2010 at My Blog
Well, today proved to be an ok day. Hung out with roger, and went to his friends house for a bit. Played on jarrods computer for a bit while they did their welding thing in the garage. Playing cards with jared, ashley and Roger tonight. It usually proves to be an interesting night when we do that! Write more tomorrow! Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2010 at My Blog
Well, last night proved to be a amazing night! The hot tub was wonderful, the cuddling was wonderful, and the bf was awesome. Today, i plan on going to put in some job apps here in youngstown. I love my job at the nursing home where I work, but I need a change, Im a single mother of 3 little girls, and I need to find a job where I make more money. I need a job where I can not hurt so bad at the end of the day. I love my life. Its hard as hell doing it... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2010 at My Blog
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Jan 22, 2010
Well, I'm waiting for the girls to go to their dads house. Although I love my grls, and they are my life, I tend to look forward to these wknds. These are the only times they are gone over night. Today has proven to be very hectic. My girls are fighting like crazy, and my tooth is killing me! I cant get the pain to go away! ugh! My life is going pretty good for the most part. Im debating on going to find another job, and move. I'm ready for a new start. A new chapter in my life,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2010 at My Blog
Well, today was my last day of 3 in a row at work, Im so lookinhg forward to my 3 day wknd. Get to hang out with Roger and be an adult! We have some exciting plans, tomorrow night its just going to be us. No cell phones or computers on! Just a fun night of us! Sat night, we are hanging out w Jared and Ash, playing what is fast becoming our favorite game! Excited to see how that goes! lol Im looking forward to waking up to Roger, and sleeping in! Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2010 at My Blog
watching my girls and nephews play. I love the innocence. Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2010 at My Blog
Well, I guess I old should start with a hello. My name is shannon. I am a recently divorced 28 yr old mother of 3 little girls. I thought I'd start this page as a way to vent, write, or just ramble on. So, you will be seeing quite a few different writings. I may just want to write about my day, or I may want to write a poem or short story. depending on my day. I'm a very emotional person. What I mean by that, is that what i write goes by my feelings for the day. I'm... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2010 at January17,2010
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Jan 17, 2010
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Jan 17, 2010