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Brave Little Kitchen
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And now, another guest post from our West Coast contingent/BLK sommelier, Abi. Thanks, Ab!—C and T Gentle readers, It has been far too long since I have graced these fair electronic pages. I cannot imagine the deep sense of abandonment you felt, knowing that I am so close, yet so,... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2012 at Brave Little Kitchen
Turk and I decided to have an Italian night, so we could face two fears simultaneously: meatballs and tiramisu. We also decided to get fancied up so we could take a better profile picture (ahem, see right-hand sidebar). OK, so, meatballs. I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of meatballs so... Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
It looks so innocent... Fresh coconut is a tough nut to crack (I’m sorry, I had to). While the part of the coconut that we eat isn’t actually a nut—it is the seed of the fruit—it is still very difficult to open. I am not really sure why I wanted... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
Over the summer, I passed along a recipe I’d found on Pinterest to sommelier Abi, for the Honey Badger. It involved bubbly, honey syrup, fresh orange, and St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur. Abi, being the expert [that’s what we are calling it now? – T] that she is, honed the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
So . . . long time, no see. We have no good excuses. But we’re back! And we took on a challenge when we went on vacation to Maine: lobster. Now, most people would be like, “Lobster? That’s not hard!” But they would be wrong! Because do you know what... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
After the last few months off (you know the story, life got in the way) Courtney and I decided we need to revive BLK. In order to revive BLK we needed to go on vacation (okay, maybe vacation was already planned). Courtney, her husband Tom, their son Jackson, her brother... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
True story: Until about six or seven years ago I didn’t like eating onions. I was fine with their flavor and if they were in dishes as long as they were chopped finely, but I didn’t like onion rings (except for the breading), or big chunks of onions in food,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
One of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat more vegetables, so I decided to try lentils next. I guess lentils are technically legumes, so they’re not a vegetable (right?), but the recipe I picked had Swiss chard and sweet potatoes in it. Plus lentils seem pretty filling and hearty... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
And now we have another guest post, this time from our West Coast Contingent, Abi (you might remember her from such previous BLK adventures as Moules Flambé.) Take it away, Abs! Bacon: A delicious pork product that belongs on/in pretty much everything, namely my mouth. Jam: A sweet spread made... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
Chocolate-covered peppermint marshmallows. Every year around Christmas I try to make some homemade gifts/treats for people at the office. Most – okay, all - of my past gifts have been cookies. After making a bunch of different cookies last year, I decided that was too hard and too time consuming,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2011 at Brave Little Kitchen
One of the items on our list is cooking red meat. Another is cast iron, although I am less worried about that lately. I seasoned my own (even though Ann offered to do it for me, thanks, Ann!). But, regardless, I combined the two with something else I’m a little... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
Shall we just gloss over that it has been awhile and just jump right in? Yes? Good, glad we see eye to eye on this. But, ah, sorry about the whole not being around thing. We really have very good excuses; excuses like vacation, and training for work, training for... Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
And now we have another guest post - this time from my handsome husband and BLK supporter/dishwasher, Tom. Let me start by acknowledging that I wholeheartedly embrace the BLK concept. Let me follow with the admission that – to me – a recipe could very well be filed under “Recommendation.”... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
I mean seriously, raw fish, sticky rice, seaweed. What in that sentence isn't scary? Okay, so I didn't tackle raw fish with this sushi. I did do other stuff to conquer this dish, though. In fact, I decided it was best to take a class! Also, it was a LivingSocial... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
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Sep 1, 2010
Right before I left for my lovely vacation in Maine, our friend Angela finally (finally!) had her sweet baby boy. Turk and I decided this was an occasion worthy of a lattice crust pie. OK, or we just needed an excuse to make the lattice crust and Turk had picked... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
It's been a while since I've done a post. Did you miss me? I don't really have a good excuse (unless having a baby still counts? can I still use that when he's 10 months old?) aside from the fact that it is too damn hot to cook. Still, I... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
For the 4th of July holiday weekend I trekked to northern Ohio to visit one of my sisters and celebrate my goddaughter's birthday. Now, usually when I visit this sister, Barb, I end up cooking for her and the family; freezing at least a couple of meals for later. It's... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
Brave Little Kitchen added a favorite at Alinea At Home
Jun 28, 2010
After conquering ricotta (eventually), I decided I needed to do mozzarella. Plus, it was the other recipe in the cheese making kit, so it was the logical next step. There are a lot more steps to making mozzarella than ricotta, so I was a little intimidated . . . okay,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
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Jun 22, 2010
Usually, we're not total imbeciles in the kitchen. In fact, we're pretty good, especially with baked goods. So it makes sense that we would make treats for the baby shower of our friend and guest poster, Angela. We could make cake balls, then show you the process here; you know,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
Some of the items on our list, we’re afraid of because of the techniques (see yeast rising, frying, etc.). Other items are on the list because we’re afraid of the ingredients. That’s definitely the case here: mussels. They’re weird looking, they come in shells, and if you don’t cook them... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
I love ice cream. No really, L-O-V-E, love it! The summer after sophomore year of college some high school friends (the same friends I ate granola bars and drank bottled water with in the park after hours . . . yeah, we were dorks) and I drove from Cincinnati to... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen
And now, our first guest post! By our friend and superior cook, Angela Kim. Apparently she spells the word "doughnuts," because she is fancy. [See! I am not the only fancy one! - Turk] I classify doughnuts in a category called dream foods. Fresh doughnuts are just so delightful that... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2010 at Brave Little Kitchen