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AMAZING show Thursday night-- captivating venue, incredible choreography, dancing, and music. Great performances by all. Congratulations Pulse and TAKE Dance!
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2010 on Survey of the Distance of the Moon at Pulse
Sam, Thank you for this post (re-post). Thought I did not know Edward, I've seen and been drawn to his art. How good to know about the man behind the work, though I'd guess he despises me now that I do. Can't wait to see the retrospective.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on Edward at Carrie’s at
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Thank you for taking the initiative to research and present this information, even though it serves to frustrate and anger. We, as many, were upset by our tentative tax assessment and are grieving it for the second year in a row (we've been in Hudson two and a half years). While we don't "have it as bad" as some that were seemingly arbitrarily hiked, ours increased by 66%. Hudson is our home, and where we receive our tax bill, though work does keep us tied to NYC for now. We love it here and are fine with paying "our fair share" but that's just the point: shares are not fair in this City. What bothers me the most is that assessments seem to be based on perceptions, while the reality for us is that we work hard at four jobs-- between just two people-- to make our way, to have a home in Hudson.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2010 on Hudson Asssessments: Part IV at
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I've listened to Ward Stone and In Our Backyard since moving to this area and I have been impressed, touched even, by his message to appreciate the world in which we live, to get out and enjoy it. Through him I've learned to notice signs in nature I'd not been aware of... it's been an awakening. Truth be told, I've only been mildly aware of his real environmental crusades; I've just not been paying that much attention. That's why I was surprised his name came up in a phone call I took last weekend. It was a "poll" thing and honed in on the Lafarge mercury emissions events of late. The pollster asked what opinion I had of Ward Stone; solely based on my knowledge of him and the radio program, I said, "Very favorable." I still have a favorable opinion of him, still based solely on his radio program, and though the allegations against him are serious, I'll wait to pass judgment until they are sorted out. I absolutely question the timing of the allegations, as well as the timing of the poll-call, and I'm dying to know who/what was behind it.
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Just finished reading Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born by Tina Cassidy. Hunter and Smellie receive a lot of attention in the early chapters, and while nothing stands out in my memory that would support the idea they were mass murderers, nonetheless they were part of a group-- obstetricians-- that made enormous changes to the birth process and established practices that to this day contribute to more complications and higher maternal death rate than the centuries' old practice of midwifery. Personal opinion, and unfortunate experience, leads me to know I will avoid obstetricians for my own care, at all costs. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 9, 2010