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Recent Activity is a highly biased organization dedicated to keeping Obama in power: Obama, Bill Ayers, and FactCheck.Org: All Have Ties To Annenberg Foundation October 6, 2008
Hi Obama troll! Nice to talk to you! Go sell your lies somewhere else.... As you well know, at all levels, the U.S. courts have been utterly corrupt on this issue - dismissing the majority - if not all - of the court cases based on denying "standing" to the litigants - versus allowing legitimate discovery. One judge went so far as to admit that she refused to order discovery because it might embarrass our con President. Hmmm. Embarrass him or implicate him in a clearly criminal act of fraud and/or conspiracy to commit fraud?! In other words, the corrupt courts contend that "we the people" have ZERO right to VERIFY that our con President is even a legitimate American citizen - let alone a legitimate U.S. President. This corruption extends even to the Supreme Court where our con President has court-packed the Supreme Court by fraudulently appointing Supreme Court justices who are directly beholden to Obama to keep their jobs. In other words, if he goes, then they go, too. In addition, Kagan has a separate conflict of interest in that she was personally involved as Obama's representative in court cases regarding the criminal cover-up of con Obama's lack of constitutionally-required documentation. Oh, and for good measure, Kagan also supports the introduction of oppressive terrorist-supporting Sharia Law into the U.S. legal system.
As the song goes, I'm too sexy for my...eyes!
I have an idea. Make every oil rig into a mosque with minarets! Then, the oil rigs will be safe from attack since no one would dare attack a mosque, right? Oh yeah - man the rig with half Sunni and half Shia. Just to be safe. Ha!
Hi all, I agree that Islam is more political than religious. But, I am talking about redefining the issue to be palatable to successful problem description and prosecution under the existing Islam-ignorant mindset of the general population - including judges. When I criticize totalitarian Islam, I am told by the Islam-ignorant do-gooders that I sound like a Nazi before WWII because Americans are very politically correct these days. I actually get all-too-earnest lectures about being kind to others! I think that the key is to define Islam in emotional terms as a religion that actively PERSECUTES infidels and women. It is important that the Islam-ignorant infidels see that Muslims have special negative terms for non-Muslims and women. Therefore, as African American people legitimately resent being called "niggers" by Caucasian people, then non-Muslims can and should legitimately resent being called infidels - even in Arabic. Women can and should resent that the Muslims equate a woman to shame. In addition, to say that a chapel is equivalent to a Muslim prayer space is inaccurate for two important reasons: 1) A chapel is set aside from the general population. People have to go to a chapel to listen to its message. However, the Muslim prayer space is purposely located in the general student space, and Islamic calls to prayer are broadcast with the intent to force the general student population to hear prayers that denounce infidels regularly and intrusively. To infidels and women, the Islamic calls to prayer are equivalent to the Ku-Klux-Klan holding five-times-a-day rallies in the student commons calling for Caucasians to persecute "niggers." Protected speech - or intimidation and active threat of violence? 2) Islam actively preaches prescriptive violence against infidels and women. As we all know, any infidel interruption of Muslim prayers would simply create a campus brawl with the infidels ultimately being blamed for being religiously intolerant. It is one thing to provide private space for Muslim prayers. It is another thing to provide public space for Muslim prayers. To redefine the problem in legal terms, we persecuted infidels need to fight against taxpayer-funded establishment of the Muslim religion (with its documented corresponding persecution of other religions). I believe that the establishment clause and anti-discrimination laws will be the infidel's best friend for now - even better than the first amendment. IMO, you have to describe the situation in a way that appeals to the blatant self-interest of the average infidel to avoid active Muslim persecution in the public square.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
Hey Pamela - It's time to rent a bus ad in London that says, "Judaism will dominate the world. The messiah is coming." See how far you get. After all, that would be a legal non-religious message, right?
This matter is really very simple. Question: Did Baron or Vlad own the work that they used? Answer: No. Result: Case closed.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
I want to vomit.
Didn't you all think that it was just a little TOO easy when Obama agreed to the off-shore drilling that makes his hard-core environmental friends cataleptic? IMO, this oil rig crisis was made to order. Now, Obama has plausible deniability. Obama to MSM: "Well, I was willing to proceed with off-shore drilling until "the enemy which must not be named" OR the conservative Christian anti-drilling militia - take your pick - made off-shore drilling impossible. After all, we never let a good crisis go to waste...."
The guys at the top of world politics are trying to eliminate national citizenship and make us all citizens of a One World Government or New Word Order. The guys at the top of Islam are trying to eliminate national citizenship and make us all slaves to Islam. Dual/multiple citizenships serve both their purposes - and thus have been allowed and encouraged.
How about a CLASS ACTION SUIT on behalf of the infidel and female VICTIMS at various public colleges? It is time to re-define the fight against Islam to be very clear that infidels and women are VICTIMS who are being actively persecuted by Islam. Even if Muslims only represent a small minority of Americans, 100% of that Muslim minority advocates and/or participates in the victimization of infidels and women. Why should any infidel or woman have to study, socialize, or eat lunch while being FORCED to listen to someone else's religious service CURSE them (and threaten to rape, enslave, and kill them) in Arabic? I understand that the Islamic call to prayer is a beautiful sound to Obama, but it is a threatening sound to me as an infidel and a woman. Would the KKK be allowed to burn a cross on campus? Why not? Because a burning cross represents a threat of violence against minorities. In the same way, why should a make-shift mosque at a public school be allowed to broadcast religious prayer and pray in the public square in a manner that represents a threat of violence against infidels and women?
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
OK. It burns me that the U.A.E. article blames Westernized WOMEN for the increase in child sexual abuse when MEN are the abusers. If you are upset by that fact, prove me wrong.... By the way, how do you measure a rise in child sexual abuse when the incidence is already 100% of the population? Of course, why would children to report sexual abuse since Sharia Law requires four grown men to testify as eyewitnesses to rape - or else the victim was obviously willing and committing adultery - for which the punishment is stoning to death?
OK, everybody, I have read your various comments at the Gates of Vienna and Atlas Shrugs sites, and now I want to comment myself. Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch are all awesome web sites. Likewise, all of the Gates of Vienna translators are amazing. I love the Gates of Vienna essays and news feeds. A great big thank you to all involved. That said, I find Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs to be extremely and unusually intellectually generous with her work. Indeed, Geller is so generous that I have privately counseled her to copyright and trademark more of her work. Authors and videographers should copyright their work. People who want to use that work for any purpose (other than limited fair use) should obtain PRIOR written permission to use that work. That prior permission may entail conditions of use including the proper assignment of creative credit. Any copyright violators are lucky that no one seems to be seeking money damages - which would necessitate the hiring of lawyers. As a member of the public, I would like to again re-iterate my total gratitude for all of your hard work. Thank you very much!
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
In re-reading this, I have to question the following statement: "Accordingly, the applied-for mark is refused under Section 2(a) because it consists of matter which may disparage or bring into contempt or disrepute Muslims and the Islamic religion." Are Muslims and the Islamic religion being singled out for codified special governmental protection? That would be religious discrimination, government-sponsored establishment of the Islamic religion with attendant corresponding persecution of other religions, and a violation of free speech. By the way, Muslims and Islam are fully capable of bringing disparagement, contempt, and disrepute upon themselves - without any help from SIOA. Anything that SIOA says pales in comparison to the vicious crimes Muslims perform in the name of Islam.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on SIOA Trademark Sharia Enforcement at Atlas Shrugs
The new government definition of journalist is propagandist (preferably to further the inter-related causes of Obama, global warming Cap & Trade tax, and Islam). Ha!
This sounds like a job for our lawyer friends to tackle. The life you save may be your own - definitely your kids'. Then, you can put up a great big SIOA ad on a Miami bus. Ha!
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on SIOA Trademark Sharia Enforcement at Atlas Shrugs
Yes! Finally, some American commanders with real birth certificates take a stand! Great job! Do you think that Obama will CAIR what they have to say or bury it with his birth certificate?
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on US Military Hearts Israel at Atlas Shrugs
It's called because it's HOT in HELL. Ha!
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2010 on at Atlas Shrugs
Although Obama may symbolize himself as Christian or Muslim depending on his needs, Islam has the greater latent claim on Obama's central self. Obama was educated as a Muslim in his formative years. Therefore, Obama seems to carry the influence of Islam - most noticeably in his easy acceptance of lying to advance his goals and his prejudice against Israel.
If those warlike Canadian infidels would just be reasonable and convert to Islam before the poor beleaguered Muslims have to go behead them and brag about it and assume slave ownership of their infidel widows and daughters, then the Muslim world would be peaceful. Really. Just look at how well the Sunni and Shia get along. Technically, the Muslims have already succeeded at violently overthrowing the legitimate governments of the 56 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). All of the Muslim revolutions based on terror and beheadings just happened so long ago that we infidels have forgotten. No. Wait a minute! The infidels did NOT forget the genocide; the infidels were the victims of it. Whoops. Actually, the infidels under the countries ruled by the OIC governments were all either butchered or forceably converted to Islam. Of course, the Muslims remember and celebrate. The Koran inspires it all.... Obama knows and respects it. For Muslims, Mohammad is the perfect man. Do you think that Mohammad is Obama's role model? What does that mean for the USA? "On February 27th, speaking to Kristof of The New York Times, Barack Hussein Obama said the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset." In an interview with Nicholas Kristof, published in The New York Times, Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, "with a first-class [Arabic] accent." The opening lines of the Adhan (Azaan) is the Shahada: "Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that Muhammad is his prophet" According to Islamic scholars, reciting the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith, makes one a Muslim. This simple yet profound statement expresses a Muslim's complete acceptance of, and total commitment to, the message of Islam. Obama chanted it with pride and finesse." Do you think that Obama can recite the "Our Father" or "Hail Mary" by memory?
Dear herdzcatz, They can't have all their fun at the same time. They have to save some fun for later. Honor killing the mother is next week's installment in the soap opera. The poor mother sounds like she is in shock. Notice that she says MY baby not THE baby. I would bet you that the mother wanted her baby.
This is an insanely great article that theorizes that the Saudis orchestrated the financial crash to put their favorite man in office. Obama works for the head Muslims, and he knows it, and they know it. Now you know why he bows so low to the Saudi king. A tasty tidbit for you to munch on: "Dems are always attempting their Oct surprise and what a better game changer than to have this meltdown on 9/18. This makes Rathergate look like a kindergarten project. Coincidentally, there was an attack on London banks on 10/10 that nearly collapsed their economy. These two Arabs have major connections throughout the Mooselimb world and if they could persuade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai or some ME Country who could make a Trillion $$ run that could melt our economy at a perfect time for King Hussain, they would own America. Now there is a smoking pile of steel where the American economy once stood w/millions losing their jobs. These Countries had just enjoyed the biggest run in oil prices in history and were awash in US dollars. How hard would it be for them to take those $$ out of our banks to start this collapse. We also know that during the initial meltdown the Saudis were axing for assurances that we would buy back some of their bad Fannie mortgages. This of course was done through AIG and likely someone laundered it before funneling it to the kingdom, wonder who?"
Dear Jonah, The FEMA camps are ready and waiting to be used as re-education camps. Search google for FEMA camps. When I did, I found the following site which has a lot of information: Take what you need and leave the rest.
Because the world clearly needs more sword and burqa makers....Ha!
Actually, F4F, there is another group of persecuted Americans who need help escaping their religion: young girls and boys suffering under Fundamental Mormonism which coincidentally shares many characteristics with Islam including mental and physical abuse of practitioners, failing to educate children, beating children, molesting children, marrying young girls to much older blood-related men, preventing young men from marrying, polygamous marriages (often to more than the four wives allowed by Islam), abuse or defrauding of taxpayer-funded welfare systems, men maintaining primary child custody by controlling the local justice system, and the alleged beating and/or killing of young girls for failing to comply to participate in polygamous marriage with much older blood-related men. The creep who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart was able to drag her around in a burqa-like outfit because Utah tacitly accepts the participation of YOUNG GIRLS in polygamous marriages. Mormonism’s influence in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping. Coincidence, or mirroring Mormonism? By Rocky Hulse July 2003 "Brigham Young, the 2nd Mormon Prophet, said: “The only men who become Gods, even the Sons of God, are those who enter into polygamy. Others attain unto a glory and may even be permitted to come into the presence of the Father and the Son; but they cannot reign as kings in glory, because they had blessings offered unto them, and they refused to accept them.”" "The Fundamentalist Mormons are an embarrassment to the Mormon Church proper; however, within the context of Mormon Doctrine, they, the Fundamentalists, are right. Do not misconstrue what I am saying here: Within the context of Christianity and the laws of the United States, polygamy is wrong; however, within the context of Mormon Doctrine and Mormon historical teachings, polygamy is right. Herein lies the problem that the Mormon Church faces: (1) Agree with the Fundamentalists, thereby acknowledging that the 4th Mormon Prophet was in error, which absolutely undermines the “line of authority” teaching of the Church, or (2) Disagree with the Fundamentalists, stating that polygamy is no longer a doctrine, opening the door of criticism which points out the contradictions in Mormon scriptures." "The Mormon Church has chosen the latter, once again showing the contradiction of Mormonism. The Mormon Church proclaims Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. The Mormon Church also proclaims that Wilford Woodruff was a Prophet of God, and was the 4th in a line of succession, after Brigham Young and John Taylor. Yet, 46 years after Joseph Smith’s death, Wilford Woodruff contradicts Joseph’s “thus saith the Lord,” with “it’s my intention,” and “my advice” to you is not to practice polygamy. Wilford Woodruff not only contradicts Joseph Smith, but also his successor, Brigham Young, who, as stated above, clearly preached that men cannot become Gods unless they practice polygamy. The Mormon Church cannot have it both ways; either the Fundamentalists are right, or Joseph Smith was a false prophet. Which is it? The Mormon Church is obviously caught between a rock and a hard place." "The Mormon Church chooses to deal with this dilemma by ignoring the embarrassment of Fundamentalist Mormon polygamy going on around them. Utah, which is 73% Mormon, does not actively prosecute polygamy; to do so, would bring attention to the contradictions of Mormon Doctrine. Thus, Utah’s “dirty little secret,” polygamy, is alive and well. The Chicago Tribune reports “Government officials guess that the number of polygamists in Utah ranges from 30,000 to 50,000.”"