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I remember, as a child, having a profound distaste for the song "Jesus Loves Me." I wasn't able to articulate why until I was in my 30s, after a conversation with a Pentacostal woman while I was in the throes of a breakup (and a foundering atheist). She said, "Girl, you don't need a boyfriend, get Jesus!" When a year or so later I did go back to church, I realized that there was some metaphoric truth to this. My return to faith was hinged upon the realization that I'd been placing too much faith in humans. The narcissism was of a different stripe--I couldn't understand why people I loved would not love me back. But then, when I opened myself up, that needful place was wrapped in a blanket, if that makes any sense; I became more able to participate in a functional relationship rather than, as that ex of 2002 put it, suck the life out of someone. I think it's that comfort that people ascribe to Jesus loving them, especially for folks who can't quite parse the great big Love Of God. And if that comfort makes them more able to become disciples, it's not a bad thing. That said, I still don't like "Jesus Loves Me." I guess I'm more of a "For God So Loved the World" kind of gal.
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Feb 21, 2010