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Just wanted to make a comment about McNeal's use of the masculine pronoun for God. It is driving me crazy! But that's just me.
Kathryn, I do like your idea about the blog on finding God in public. I am in graduate school in NYC and last night I got on the subway in the Bronx and noticed a Muslim women totally in black robes except for her eyes. I often see Muslim women but not quite as covered. One stop later an older man sat across from her. He was wearing a yarmulke on his head. That's finding God in public, wouldn't you say?!
This is all about putting Christ's love into action. It is what we proclaim through our concluding prayer each Sunday. We have accepted the Body and Blood of Christ to give us strength and courage to do this hard work. This is not easy. It does take courage and it does take strength. We are people living in a world run by our pocketbooks. It is so much easier to write a check than to roll up our sleeves and volunteer in our communities. McNeal is on to something here, but there is nothing like participating in Episcopal worship with a full congregation and a lovely choir. I have heard that Episcopalians fear the "E" word. Evangelization won't work if we are uncomfortable with the outcome. Being generous in our neighborhoods is another way to look at the "E" word. Isn't it? Also, I do like the idea of the airport - church as a place of connection. But it can be a place of destination for those who just can't be missional (such as shut-ins). Don't you think? We are sent. But we must take care where we go. No politics, public schools, etc. And What does the missional concept imply about our sacraments? Just a thought that I would like to delve into.
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Mar 9, 2010