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Thanks for your reply, Emmy! Next time I will try these with 1 or 2 ounces of cocoa butter. I will let you know the results. Zala
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Thanks for posting this formula! It looked so yummy I had to make these! The cubes turned out a very nice color and smell, but a little too small and thin to my liking: . I used my silicone soap mold liner, cause I don't have brownie pans. I think next time I will double the amount; probably they will also crumble less in the shower. And next time I will NOT, I repeat NOT ignore Emmy's advice using wax paper to line the mold...! It was easy to make, but once I added the sugar I had to work very fast because the mixture was hardening up in seconds and became difficult to spread in the mold. I was thinking of adding some cocoa butter next time to make the cubes a little more firm and moisturizing (and the fragrance will stick to the skin better, because it's not all rinsed away together with the soap) Not sure yet how much. What do you think, Emmy?
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Oops, I'm sorry I didn't mention my name. I thought that my Google account would be shown. Oh, and I forgot to say that here in Europe I've found some well assorted suppliers, but none of them do have so many ingredient choises as From Nature With Love. It's such a pity that it would ruin me to order from you. Just one 2 fl oz bottle andiroba oil ($8.24) cost me $81 shipping to The Netherlands....So, sadly, often I cannot follow exactly your formulas and am I always looking for alternative ingredients...Zala
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Hi Emmy! I follow your blog from the beginning in 2007 and, shame on me, this is my first comment...! It's time to let you know that I really appreciate your work very much. The site is very attractive (fresh and clean) and the photo's are always sóóó gorgeous. Do you make them yourself or do you have another professional behind them? The formulas do stand out of the crowd (yes, I prefer the word 'formula' instead of 'recipe', because in my opinion it does take our work to the level it deserves), they are often exotic and luxurious -and, therefore, rather expensive of course- but always inspiring me to give every product I make something special. To upgrade a basically simple lipbalm formula together with matching packaging and labeling into such a good, attractive and exotic looking product is really an art! Keep up the good work, Emmy!
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Mar 10, 2010