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PeachyCheap!!! Love the name; love the products-thank you Heidi for letting us in on this treat...:)
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2011 on Giveaway!! at still me
Heidi...I love Candlelight and Key Lime Pie glimmer mists....hmmmmm...maybe I should try eating Key Lime Pie by candlelight..:) So excited for the new stuff...great show! Linda
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on crazy webshow... at still me
I love paper,stickers,embellishments and all the wonderful things to use in my scrapbooking. This wonderful hobby has brought me so much happiness while creating memories for so many years to come!
Love Tattered excited for Glam and Glaze!! Thanks for the chance to win...:)
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2010 on Giveaway!!! at still me
What a great giveaway! I am already a member and have all of those kits...they are fantastic! Last fling...youngest daughter went back to school last Wed...olders go back to college this Monday...last fling...wonderful breakfast out on Tuesday with aunt and grandma and girls..! By the way, Heidi..your items in Scrapbook Etc. magazine are AWESOME! You do jewelry now..fantastic! And your halloween card was so darned cute...!!! What a treat for me to see! Linda in Denver :)
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on some little black dress, anyone? at still me guys have the cutest logo characters! Looks like a great place to shop at...hope to soon!!...:)Linda in Denver
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2010 on Monday Giveaway! at still me
I too am a mom of 5...looking forward to slowing down a bit and really enjoying and appreciating the simple joys in life...being outside on the porch with a great book and cold(drink of choice)...:)
Heidi, Can't thank you ENOUGH for all of your tips, tricks and teachings that you share on the webshow and your blog with us! I look forward for every bit of it...I live about 20 minutes from the Tattered Angels Warehouse but they don't have classes! So thank you! The brown suit is fab as well as your amazing album of Italy! Stay safe and have fun in Fiji and Australia! Linda :)
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on DAY 3 RANDOM GIVEAWAYS!! at still me
Hi Heidi- what a generous giveaway! "The Art of Racing In The Rain" by Garth Stein is a "can't put down book". Such a wonderful story about family and life told in the voice of the family dog. Can't wait for tonight's show..hoping to see it live..:) Linda in Denver
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on day 2 of the random giveaways!! at still me
Hi Heidi..I am in the mountain time zone as well and love the 7pm but could do 8 or 9. There are folks out there with far more challenges than me so hopefully your decision will work for as many as possible. Love your Wednesday night show..I look forward to it every week..:)
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2010 on thank you scrapbook island!! at still me
The sunshine, the wonderful smells of flowers and blossoms on trees and the feeling of opening up the windows to allow fresh breezes in !
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on Monday-catch UP? at still me
Hang in there! I also have five and hated it when we ran through the whole house with something! I will be at the Spring Fling Artisan Market with my sister in Denver this weekend. We have a booth..she does fabric items(pillows, aprons, guest towels...) and I do paper items..(journals and lollies-so inspired by Rhonna) and I've done handmade sugar Easter eggs this year...sorry to ramble..go get that pedicure!
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2010 on friday (frustrated) at still me is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 12, 2010