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The Business GP
Cambridge - UK
Providing simple remedies that will focus your business, drive your sales, & improve your profits.
Interests: food, family, football, rugby, & charity
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Business is mostly stranger than fiction as it tends to require us to pre-empt what might occur before it has even done so. That very... Continue reading
One of the biggest issues in business at present is, quite simply, the issue of transparency. Most leaders I speak to immediately identify with the... Continue reading
Now let me declare up front that it am being deliberately provocative in this post, and more importantly I am looking at HR the discipline... Continue reading
How many times have you seen it? The situation is that senior people in the business have decided that they need to do something to... Continue reading
When businesses are new and exciting and shiny and generally a whole new experience, potentially experimental the people at the helm of them embrace every... Continue reading
When the financial crisis hit in 2008, there was much prophecy that it would begin a shakeup (or down) of how businesses ran themselves. The... Continue reading
In life there are very few things that wind me up. The futility of politics. Selfishness, and.... The lack of any common sense that can... Continue reading
I read the other day that statistically 98% of people are honest, and I suspect that the number may even be slightly higher than that....... Continue reading
The transfer window in UK football (Soccer for my American followers) closed last night. A world record deal for £85.3M was done but Manchester United... Continue reading
The ignorance of people in business amazes me. How often have you seen someone in 'trouble' in some way? How often have you seen those... Continue reading
Over time businesses become conservative. They start to look for incremental changes. Improvements of 1% here or 0.5% there. They become driven to do things... Continue reading
Business fascinates me. As you can probably tell. What fascinates me most though is the concept of 'managing upwards'. What a lovely turn of phrase.... Continue reading
Isn't it amazing how sometimes in business we seem destined to repeat the mistakes of a previous generation? It made me thing long and hard... Continue reading
It has been a long and hard 12 months for me on many levels and that is why there has been a long gap in... Continue reading
One of the most famous phrases from George Bush contains one of the most important messages for anyone embarking on a career, either in (or running) a business. Continue reading
The thought of being a manager is what is drilled in to many young people as they enter the market place. You need to aspire to be on the management ladder. You need to get to the top - surely that is obvious to all.....or is it? Continue reading
It is one of the biggest 'issues' I have with business today. A 'pet hate' I suppose you could say. What is it? Continue reading
It's amazing that in business, and the bigger the business gets the worse this becomes, more time, effort and energy is spent on dealing with frustration than on anything else. Continue reading
I am a firm believer that everything you do in life teaches you something. The task for you is to understand the lesson no matter how obscure it may appear to be. Continue reading
Picture the scene....many of you will already be familiar with it.....the board room and all the charts and numbers you can shake a stick at. The atmosphere could be cut with a knife......the tension is unbearable. Continue reading
It is amazing how the world changes and changes so quickly. In the latter part of 2008 I was in Dubai. Continue reading
I tweeted the other night (UK time as I am in the US as present) a comment that was prompted by a conversation with someone I respect so much, but it really got me thinking. Continue reading
For those that know me well the fact that I am using a Depeche Mode album as the title for this blog won't surprise them. Not only are Deche Mode one of my favourite bands of all time but I also often use their lyrics as examples of how we can all improve in business. Continue reading
There is only ever one thing in business guaranteed to really wind me up! Continue reading
Over the last few weeks I have been thinking long and hard about interaction, be it business or personal interaction. Continue reading