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HA!! I loveeeeeeee that tank top!!!!! Since V-ball was cancelled for Brookie, we all have been walking 3 miles a night in the neighborhood! I used to just do my treadmill, but since Brian and Brookie are both home now, they just walk with me! It is quite the sight .... we all walk with only one earbud in, her listening to her music, Brian listening to his, and me listening to my audiobooks!! LOL!! :)
I was wondering if she was back home with all of this going on! Adam and I still go to work everyday, as 'they' consider our jobs essential. Brian and Brookie are home though. Happy Easter my friend :)
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2020 on It's 5:00 somewhere... at (diva)logues
Loving that photo of you and Bryn!!! And off to check that video!
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2020 on Perspective matters... at (diva)logues
An instructor is one of the hardest jobs... I would never think of an instructor, as "just an instructor"... it is something I never could do! New routines, keeping people engaged, helping people... seems a lot like being a teacher to me, and you know I have crazy respect for them! :)
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2020 on Just an instructor... at (diva)logues
It LOOKS AMAZING!!! And I totally NEED that hand sculpture!!!!!!!!! :)
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2020 on Mid Century Glam... at (diva)logues
SO fun!!!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2019 on Make a girl go crazy... at (diva)logues
I have heard of these sites (this is what you get when you have the TV on as background noise, and commercials are a running ... lol!) -- haven't tried them yet though. Very cool you have found some deals too!
That is just amazing!
That movie looks good!!! And being through a couple of divorces myself ... yep, that is not easy! Glad to hear Bryn is doing so good!!! Brian and Brookie are OBSESSED with watching v-ball games on TV lately (when she isn't practicing or at a game herself ... lol!), and we keep catching the Mizzou games, and I keep telling Brian ...Dang! I wish Bryn was playing for them, then we could watch her on TV!! LOL! :)
Oy ... everyday someone has to try and ruin it for everyone else ... while I feel some companies are like the way they are being accused, not all of them are like that ... *sigh*
Well, we already know I awake before God .. soooooo I think I have that one covered! LOL!! The water I have too -- but only do 25 mins 4 days a week, so will have to work harder on that one! Those are pretty profound and really made me think! :)
I so need to get better at this part in my life! :)
Yum!! I will have to check them out!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2019 on Souper duper... at (diva)logues
I feel ya mama!! You know Adam moved away to Texas four years ago to have time with his Dad, since they lived apart when he was growing up, but I am happy to report that he is moving BACK here in November to go to school here! YAY!! Of course that means I am losing my now craft room, but it is worth it!! Big hugs Mama ... I know that girl of yours will make you proud!!!!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2019 on Mizzou.... RAH! at (diva)logues
Wow ... that is one powerful page!!! Love it!! Cute pic of Bryn! Have fun at the beach!!!!
I have a shelf similar to those in my little closet to hold stuff! LOL!! I hear you though, I have purged, and moved, and rearranged to make it all work!! LOL!! But I am almost POSITIVE that you are just like me when it comes to the paper named after us ... won't use what I have left, and I will keep it forever! :)
Love love love love this!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2019 on Rise up! at (diva)logues
I have SUCKED at the sleeping part for YEARS now (you remember everyone accusing me of never sleeping??!? LOL!!) -- so I started last week by setting a timer on my phone to ensure I get at least six hours every night. Once that timer has gone off, I head to bed no matter what I am doing. It is MOSTLY working, FitBit says I am now getting about 5.45 hours a night...I guess it measures the times I am restless -- because I don't remember 'waking' up. It's a start, but I am working on it --I don't know how many more years I could average 4.5 hours a night! LOL!!!
Ouch! to that scratch!! And LOL to the blanket over the console fight! HA!! Too funny!! Thank you so much for the card -- that meant so much to me! :)
Stuart Smalley will always be one of my fave characters! And you are right -- it was comedy, but had meaning! I loveeeee that sign she made!! The verse is perfect!!!!
I love E-bates!!!! I just started using them last year, and I am loving it so far!! The other one I use all the time is Ibotta!! I love them too!!!
Ummmmmm those of us with hyphenated last names ... oh boy!!! LOL!!!!
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... you may remember me???? Your friend Julie??? The one who has done this .... and this ... and this one too ... .... lol ... ummmmm I can make it for you!!!! I just would have you pay for the backing material and the shipping! :) Let me know ... you know where I am :)
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2019 on Nobody puts baby in the corner... at (diva)logues
How fun!! What an awesome trip that must have been!!!!!!
I got rid of mine before the ink was dry on the papers! LOL!! My circumstances were different though (as they all are! LOL!) -- there was ugliness beyond ugliness with mine, so I was perfectly fine with getting rid of it - plus, we only had Adam between us - and it's not the same to give it to a son from a broken marriage. There is only one thing I kept from our marriage and that was the wedding video, as all of Adam's family attended, including his great-grandmother that passed away when he was an infant, so for that reason I kept it as I wanted him to have that family connection if he wanted to later on in life. And I know what you mean about the ads - they are INSANE -- I will buy something (actually buy it!) online, and the next 15 ads I see are the same thing I already bought! HA!!! Ummmmm ... dear Facebook, I don't need two, I'm good! LOL! :)