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Girasol Reiki and Doula
Richmond, VA
A holistically centered RN, Reiki Practitioner, and Doula who is open to what is out there in the world, who loves people and the things that make them who they are....simply loving life
Interests: Health and Wellness, Spiritual Balance, Reiki and other Body Works, Aromatherapy, Cooking, Reading, Free Writing and Poetry, The Arts in General, Being surrounded by authentic souls
Recent Activity
Life is interesting. It's amazing how don't realize that there are things that you have held on to or persons that you have held on to with a false sense of security. Perhaps it's time analyze what your fears and your road blocks. Perhaps it's time to do some self-evaluating.... Continue reading
How long has it been since you told someone close to you that loved them, that you cared for them, that you were prod of them. And when I ask when was the last time, I don't mean in the robotic fashion that so many of us are guilty of.... Continue reading
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Apr 12, 2010
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Apr 12, 2010
With life becoming more stressful with less time to have for one to relax and enjoy the moment, I have found that the simple things in life can create a beautiful escape. I remember after I was released from the hospital and I was staying at my parents home, one... Continue reading
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Apr 12, 2010