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Norman Zboray
New Jersey
"Green Guy" and Owner of Green with Envy Home Store
Interests: healthy homes, green building, green painting, green remodeling, indoor air quality
Recent Activity
As the summer winds down, many students are planning to return to school. Most students (and parents) are excited about this annual event. However, many students, about 6.2 million in the United States, are facing school with the challenges of Asthma. The disease can be triggered by many sources but... Continue reading
We rarely plug our own store, Green with Envy Home Store, on our blog. We strive to provide up to date, science based information to our clients and friends concerning many topics including toxins in our homes and businesses. This is still our main focus on our blog but please... Continue reading
During a recent search on Google Scholar, Green Guy of Green with Envy Home Store noticed an interesting article in Environmental Health Perspectives concerning scented consumer goods. The author, Carol Potera, completed a great review of a study completed by the University of Washington, Seattle and published the results. The... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store strives to provide our clients and blog readers with the most up to date information relating to products that we use in our homes and businesses. This is a great, straightforward article by Remy Molina of describing the listing of two of our least... Continue reading
Green Guy of Green with Envy Home Store really enjoys the science of testing products claims made by the manufacturer. AFM Safecoat Hard Seal was recently tested for its effectiveness in reducing formaldehyde offgassing. The study involved MDF board with 3 coats of Hard Seal applied to the surface. The... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store will be exhibiting at the Waldorf School of Princeton May Fair on Saturday May 14. The School is located at 1062 Cherry Hill Road, Princeton, NJ 08540. PLenty of fun for the kids and homemade crafts. Please stop over at our booth and check out... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store likes to pass on relevant information to our clients and readers and a great article from Peter Yost of continues this tradition. His article, “EPA Takes Action on Spray-Foam Health Risks” is a great example of how more and more “green” products are finally... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store is constantly asked about what colors to use when painting a bedroom, bathroom or even a pet’s room. The parameters are endless but our research found a very useful article, “Color and Light: Using Light to Help Color” by Debbie Zimmer of the Rohm and... Continue reading
Many of of our web visitors and clients are asking us about upcoming street fairs and green events in New Jersey that we will be attending in the next few months. We are very similar to many indie bands and add dates as the weather warms up nd we learn... Continue reading
Andy Pace, a fellow AFM Safecoat dealer, adds his great knowledge and expertise to our conversation about green building products and the alphabet soup concerning certification groups. I thought his blog would benefit the readers and clients of Green with Home Store. Here we go!! As a regular columnist for... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store will be exhibiting this year at the Montgomery Township Earth Day Fair. Come and say "Hi" and check out the Huge Earth Model and other vendors including Kelly Sherman Designs. The Montgomery Township Environmental Commission/Sustainable Montgomery is pleased to announce the sixth annual Earth Day... Continue reading
In the last few months, Green with Envy Home Store has received many calls from parents complaining that their children are feeling sick and cannot focus in school. The common response from the schools is that the children are immature or have some sort of learning issue. Could the actual... Continue reading
AFM Spot Light on Green With Envy Norman Zboray created Green with Envy Home Store in Hillsborough, NJ in 2009 with a distinct vision for the future: to provide eco-friendly products that create a healthy home and business environment while protecting the planet. This sounds really simple but finding companies... Continue reading
In a move that could prompt industry-wide changes to claims about volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division (NAD) has told Sherwin-Williams it should stop marketing its Harmony line of paints as “zero-VOC.” Base paint vs. tinted paint Sherwin-Williams advertises its Harmony paint line as zero-VOC,... Continue reading
We receive many calls at Green with Envy Home Store about paints and sealers. The most common question is: Why do you carry AFM Safecoat products? The simple answer is that they are high quality and they actually exceed our expectations. We take pride in the products that we sell... Continue reading
This is a recent installation that we completed at Green with Envy Home Store using Capri Cork Second String Eco-Clicks and Foundations Bamboo Flooring. Capri Cork is finished with 3 coats of factory applied commercial grade water based poly compared to other products that use just an acrylic finish. Capir... Continue reading
Green Guy of Green with Envy Home Store really enjoys researching and reading academic articles concerning indoor Air Quality and how to create healthy home and business environments. Last week, I visited a school in my area and could not believe the indoor air issues in and near the building.... Continue reading
Green Guy of Green with Envy Home Store is always answering the hardest questions about using green products and services. This week has been very interesting because of the looming deadline of the energy tax credits. After attending Greenbuild in Chicago last week, it is quite evident that most manufacturers... Continue reading
Green Guy often wrestles with issues related to healthy homes and the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED certification process. A recent study by Environmental and Human Health addressed the issue of Indoor Air Quality, USGBC and the LEED certification process. The Green building market is estimated to exceed... Continue reading
Green Guy of Green with Envy Home Store likes to keep up to date on legislation relating to products that many people use in their businesses and homes but I totally missed this story. The Governor of Massachusetts signed into law a bill that bans lacquer, a floor-finishing product. The... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store will be attending the Monroe Township Green Fair on October 9th, 2010 from 10am to 3pm. The event will take place at the Oak Tree School, 226 Applegarth Road, Monroe Twp., NJ. The event will include a farmer's market, the popular paper shredding truck and... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store will be exhibiting at the Garden State Greenfest on October 1-3, 2010. The event will take place at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, NJ. The scheduled guests include Eg Begley Jr. and Josh Dorfman. If you would like to pick up products at... Continue reading
I have a couple of suggestions for the Red Hook Terminal -How about a charge for the bathroom?(if you dare) -How about a loitering charge? Locals only need pay -How about slot machines at the terminal? Quick question: Who collects the tax from the taxi services that drive to Red Hook and collect cash from everyone going to STJ? That should at least cover the 25 cent tax.
Green with Envy Home Store will be exhibiting at the following shows in the Fall of 2010 Saturday, September 11, 2010-Green Fair of the Chathams, Reasoner Park, Chatham Borough, NJ 07928 9 to 2 Rain or Shine. No Rain Date Saturday, September 18, 2010-Go Green at the Red Mill-Red Mill... Continue reading
Green with Envy Home Store receives many interesting phone calls and mails about product labels and ingredients in many green and not so green products. This week, we received a few calls about a new miracle product that was advertised in a few different magazines and on the Internet. These... Continue reading