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It may have been a lie but as with GWB and Iraq and his father and Reagan with Afghanistan it was a transparent lie designed to fool the ignorant and it was fools telling the lies. In each case it was obvious that the interventions on the side of Islamic fundamentalists were bound to lead to build up the Islamic side and weaken those being targeted by them, including the US. Watching TV footage at the time of Stinger missiles being proudly handed over by the CIA to Muslims for use against the Soviets I shook my head in despair. Likewise when Bush Jr moved to topple a (comparatively) secular regime in Iraq as Obama has done in Egypt and Libya one could only weep.
Great article and I had noticed the dog barking on the video released a couple of days after the mission. Delicious irony. Beautiful, in the true meaning of that word, i.e. be full of usefulness, dogs.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2011 on War Dogs! at Atlas Shrugs
I'm inclined to the view that Obama is natural born because Obama Snr was not his father but Frank Marshall Davis was.
Saif, real muslims are very mindful of each other. For a muslim to behave as these people did to another muslim then your opinion would carry some weight but not when the behavior is being directed towards kufr for then the behavior is perfectly consistent with being a real muslim.
Nice to see some honesty from that person. From his ethnicity and reading the transcript it seems that he converted to to Islam and took his Arab name after he enlisted. Maybe I read it incorrectly.
I liked the Rev from the Progressive Christian church there endorsing the stealth jihad.
It is Disney's business and they have had the dress code for years. She refuses to abide by the dress code and expects Disney to change its code for Muslims. That expectation and the use of the courts to bend Disney to her, and CAIR's will, is the problem.
The mob at loonwatch were all applauding that "interviewer's" style but this wasn't an interview but a KGB style interrogation designed not to inform but to break Pamela. Well done Pamela for not letting her get away with it. Your bravery in putting yourself on the firing line is awe inspiring and in contrast with that harpy's cowardice.
One wonders why on earth the judge was asking the imam about Sharia law in the first place. It should have been totally irrelevant.
I thought Morris was being somewhat tongue in cheek too.
I thought the Seattle lass had apologized once she realized what she was letting herself in for, condemned the day and disassociated herself from it. Too bad. This woman has discovered the lesson that the West is discovering with massive Muslim immigration or getting involved in Afghanistan (and then foolishly, Iraq) without the intention of defeating Islam: Once one attracts the attention of jihad there is no walking away, unlike Vietnam.
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Apr 23, 2010