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Bold & Beautiful Swim Squad
Pacific Jules provides swimmers with a great open water swimming experience. Improving their confidence, fitness and technique.
Interests: Swimming, Open Water, Surf Life Saving, Marine Life, Adventure, Travel
Recent Activity
6160 and literally people read the blog from all over the world, you guys rock all of our worlds, keep on keeping on please 🥰😘 This must be a record blog for the number of comments too... both here and on Facebook ! Well done !!! Hope you’re feeling rejuvinated 😛 The effort you guys put into the blog is always appreciated, thank you 🙏 P.S. Jenny and Brian Lyle also sent an email to say they are reading it in Spain :-)
Happy 10th birthday to all of us And thank you to every swimmer that has helped to make B&B what it is for everyone today 💞. Here’s to the next 10 years of happy and safe swimming together xx
Christmas party looked amazing as always - sad to miss it 😥 Safe travels LSA and Jon, until next time xx