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Sandy Richardson
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada
President, Collaborative Strategy. Author of Business Results Revolution for Healthcare Organizations.
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When Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified last week in front of Congress, I nearly feel off my chair when I heard his answer to the question “Are you a media company or a technology company?” Now – realizing that the options offered in the question may have been too limiting... Continue reading
If you and your team are going to invest time and effort into measuring the performance of the things you do in your business to put your strategy into motion and move your company forward towards an ultimate success goal, you’ll need indicators (KPI’s). Of course, choosing the right KPI’s... Continue reading
To ensure the ongoing success of their company, every business leader must excel at keeping their eye on three important business “horizons” at the same time. This can be tricky to do but all effective leaders/leadership teams manage to find a way to do it. Let’s take a closer look... Continue reading
For someone who began their career in strategy management as a Balanced Scorecard practitioner, it might be a bit strange to say this but here goes: In the upcoming year I’d like to see executive teams spend less effort collecting data points and more time talking about what their data... Continue reading
Did you realize that the approach to strategy that most companies (and consultants) use today was formulated in the last century? That’s right. Back in the days when people had to talk face to face and TV was the new kid on the block. A time when if someone called... Continue reading
A recent article on by Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC, reported on the results of PwC’s 20th CEO survey. The survey of global business leaders identifies, and delves into, the top issues for CEO’s around the globe. In the article, Moritz summarizes the “four concerns that keep CEOs awake... Continue reading
A recent article on by Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC, reported on the results of PwC’s 20th CEO survey. The survey of global business leaders identifies, and delves into, the top issues for CEO’s around the globe. In the article, Moritz summarizes the “four concerns that keep CEOs awake... Continue reading
Does your organization have a traditional style strategic plan? You know – something that looks like a three year “to do” list? If you’ve ever heard anyone in your organization proudly declare that the strategic plan is “done”, then you know that your organization has a “to do” list strategic... Continue reading
Creating a strategy map for your non-profit organization is as easy as asking and answering a series of important questions as a team. In this short video I go over the key questions you and your team need to ask and answer to create a powerful, agile, and actionable strategy... Continue reading
I’m starting to see it again – Balanced Scorecards that suffer from an explosion of measures. More specifically, I’m seeing a trend towards attaching multiple metrics (rather than indicators) to a single strategic objective. The usual result is a Strategy Scorecard on steroids that has become an administrative nightmare, is... Continue reading
Measuring the stuff we do, and achieve, in business is critically important – performance data and results information give us necessary insight into what’s going on inside AND outside of our organization. Many organizations invest heavily in measurement so it’s important to be sure that that time and effort is... Continue reading
If you are like most organizations, you have a strategic plan that’s filled to the brim with tasks, initiatives, and deliverables all slated to be completed over the planning period (usually three years). I recently saw a strategic plan with the usual 5 strategic directions supported by, on average, 9... Continue reading
Is strategy management (i.e. strategy creation, implementation, measurement, and improvement) a core competency for your organization? If not, it’s time to think about bringing this critical capability in-house. When I talk about strategy management I mean that every organization, from a start-up to a Fortune 500 enterprise to a non-profit... Continue reading
An old saying states that “time is money” and it still applies today. Most people take this sage advice as a reminder to be efficient in their work – that is, the longer you take to do something, the greater the amount of money you spend/waste accomplishing it. However, in... Continue reading
This short video clip of best-selling author and Harvard professor Cynthia Montgomery really clarifies the essential ingredients for strategy success - choice and making everyone in your organization a part of your strategy! Continue reading
Let’s agree on one thing. Business is complicated. It doesn’t matter what business or sector your organization is in – there are lots of things going on inside and out that have to come together in just the right way for your organization and people to produce great results. However,... Continue reading
This is an "on demand" video training series created specifically for Organization Administrators who are using StrategyShare with a FREE subscription. If you are accessing StrategyShare through a paid subscription, you can find the same onboarding videos (PLUS additional information and training resources) in the Strategy Management Coach module right... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2016 at StrategyShare Onboarding Videos
Recently, I’ve noticed a flurry of discussion and debate about the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) versus OKR’s. While some are promoting the idea that the BSC and OKR’s are virtually interchangeable (personally, I’m not convinced that this is really the case but I’ll write more in a future post), others seem... Continue reading
You may have heard of this term before. In fact, you may even have seen some dialogue in BSC and strategy management forums debating whether we should shift from a “cascading” concept. So, as we usually must when it comes to strategy management concepts, let’s define what we mean by... Continue reading
In a previous blog post I revealed the five essential elements that must be firing on all cylinders if your organization is going to achieve strategy execution success. Here’s a quick reminder of all the elements and how they work together: The critical ingredient and most often forgotten element in... Continue reading
In my last blog post I introduced the most essential ingredient for strategy execution success: Strategy MasteryTM. Here’s a quick reminder of what Strategy MasteryTM is and what it looks like in action: Strategy MasteryTM Every employee in your organization must be a Strategy Master. That is, they need to... Continue reading
Many of us frequently fret about the state of strategy execution in the real world. Lots of statistics get tossed around – I’m not really sure which numbers are completely right at this point. What I do know, and what I hear from business leaders in a range of industries... Continue reading
A golden rule for selecting powerful Balanced Scorecard indicators is to focus on the attribute of relevancy. That is, any given indicator must be a good representative of the thing you are trying to measure. Without indicator relevancy, any Balanced Scorecard quickly loses its power and credibility as a strategy... Continue reading
I am really fortunate to have the opportunity each year to teach strategy mapping and Balanced Scorecard concepts to student entrepreneurs at the Conrad Centre at the University of Waterloo. The best part of this gig is that I don’t just teach the material, I also have the opportunity to... Continue reading
A recent article in the March 2015 edition of the Harvard Business Review looked closely at the five myths of strategy execution (“Why Strategy Execution Unravels – and What to Do About It”). Myth #3 focuses on my favorite strategy execution “must have”: communication. As the authors rightly point out,... Continue reading