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Ali J
A psychologist, cook, teacher, traveller, and wife
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When we moved in to our new house, our neighbors gave us a bag of apples. Then they brought another bag. We also have permission to pick as many apples as we want - more than we want even. Of course, in my little head this bounty of fresh produce... Continue reading
I have been challenged to use some of the unfamiliar veggies from the Asian vegetable stand at the FM. This week - the bottle gourd. I think I was supposed to make a dish with easily accessible ingredients. All the spices are ones I had on hand but I have... Continue reading
too slow i guess
That's right. I rendered me some pork fat. There are actually a few reasons I did this. Cheap lard on the grocery shelf is hydrogenated and has added unpronounceables... ...but artisinal lard costs a bomb. Lard tastes good. Lard is better for you than butter - that's right, it has... Continue reading
Thanks! something to experiment with for abalone #2! (are they chewy chunks?)
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on Abalone at Coriander: The Tale of a Seasonal Kitchen
I think not
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on Abalone at Coriander: The Tale of a Seasonal Kitchen
As you can see, Rob dove for abalone the other day. Not as easy as it looks though. You must free dive. This means no leisurely scuba dives where you harvest the abalone as you chance upon them. It means swimming down, finding one, measuring it (it must be >7"... Continue reading
Can you send me the link again - it didn't work. Or write down a list of veg.
Ooh, totally a fun challenge! There's always asian stands at the FM with veggies I'm unfamiliar with. I'm going to experiment away! It's more fun than writing this stuff anyway. also, I have this awesome book of Asian recipes my Dad sent so hopefully I can plagiarize from there. I'll let you know how it goes :)
So, earlier in the summer a tree in our back yard started dropping it's fruit all over our patio. They kind of looked like cherries - they were red and round and about the size of an eyeball. They even had a kind of butt crack like cherries do. But... Continue reading
The crock pickles were the clear winner!
For July 4th I made a salad that was okay. It had some delicious fun bits but I overcomplicated it and wound up watering down the flavor when bulking it out with greens. But I tried again. The best part of this salad is the fresh juicy sweet peach with... Continue reading
After a week or two of lazy non-posting here's a lazy post :) I just wanted to say how much we love the recipes in Saveur. The weekends are our meat days1 and this weekend we used Saveur as our inspiration both nights. When I say 'inspiration' I mean we... Continue reading
I love pickles! That said, I am a discerning pickle-eater. My favorite commercial pickle is Claussen, to be found in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. I like that they're crunchy and not at all sweet. Beyond that I'm not sure what makes them taste better to me. It is... Continue reading
We loved it! Rob and I have been enjoying the muffins all week. Next time someone complains about WW fluour I'm directing them that way :)
Got this as a FB comment: I was reading your lovely blog and came across your plastic bag dying dilemma. I found this blog. Looks VERY easy to make with basic hand tools, dowels, and glue. Perhaps a fun project for you and Rob.
This one's a little different from the one you helped with. It's easier--less fiddly bits which I have to thank you for chopping!!! I just posted the wedding one. Both have figs and non-cow cheese. Hmm, a theme???
Ha ha, maybe he'll eat them just to watch his pee turn pink!
yeah, well, gotta do something to fill the time and since I'm going nowhere with this degree..... BTW be careful with the salt. I'm not sure I like it and it really is like rotten eggs!
I don't know about you but when I hear "green salad" I think, "boring and unsatisfying". In fact, although I do not fall in to this category, many people believe those adjectives apply to any and all salads. Too bad. What I love about salads is that you can be... Continue reading
we just got more from another friend so don't think the recipes have ended...
wow, they really sell them!
I know I said I was going to do a salad with the third zucchini. I even had one in mind. I was going to make zuke ribbons with the vegetable peeler, add some tarragon and lemon zest and so on. Then I decided to do zucchini bread. Now, I'm... Continue reading
Does anyone else have a hard time figuring out where to put all the damn plastic bags while drying? We need a bag drying rack. Continue reading