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About Cynthia Somers.... Yes I do think what happened to her, and being accused of something she probably did not do is awful - but it's not they gave her the death penalty - Thank God. Second of all she was never in Prison (that I know of) She was being held at Las Colinas Detention Facility which if you've ever been there or worked there - you'd know it's nothing like Prison. Yes 2 years is a long time. I see it this way - it's not all on District Attorney Dumanis. It's not like she hates Military Wives and goes out to make false evidence to fit some conspired ideas and cover-ups. She goes by whatever information and or evidence is in front of her at the time. Beyond the scope - In the grander scheme of things this is how I see it. Cynthia Somers had been dealing with or rather running from the horrible grief of losing a spouse she loves .. As I see it She was going down the wrong path .. I know because I've been there before. I'm not saying that's any reason to put someone through what she was put through.. But I do know that in spite of all the bad or wrong that happens in this world - God can use it and turn it around for good. I believe Ms. Somers is doing well now- and she will be compensated for the wrong that was done to her. I know Bonnie is human just like anyone else- and makes mistakes. It would relieve me very much to one day see justice done by all our wrongs to be made right. An apology can go a very long ways sometimes- but for a person in power of her position - an apology might not help anyways. She has to keep moving forward. No one ever gives her credit for any good she does. What does that say about this County anyways? Most of us are all criminals or want to be involved in criminal activities and don't like her because She won't put up with it? is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 29, 2010